SDS 4.2 – Space Oddity

This cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity seem fitting for this episode of Sarah Does Singapore. It’s from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Milty.

You should watch the movie if you haven’t, it’s about doing things.

To chase after what you want to do or to your goal.

Anyway, I went to the Art Science Museum with my friends and had a ridiculous amount of fun there.

Future World doesn’t have a deadline.

Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder ends on 26 February 2017.

NASA – A Human Adventure ends on 19 March 2017.

Those were the exhibits I went.

I suggest you go in groups of at least 3 people because there are some exhibits where it’s best to have 2 people in a picture and the last can help take pics for you and you guys take turns.

Also, did you know the area around ASM is abundant with pokemon?

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Time to VOTE for N.E.mation!11

It’s time to vote for N.E.mation!11 You can vote 4 ways and for 3 teams each time. (Click to enlarge pic.)

Prizes for voters include iPad pros, Apple watches and McDonald’s vouchers!

Voting is from 14 January to 5 February 2017.

How to vote!

  1. Go to and vote on your computer
  2.  Using the MOBILE website on your PHONE go to . Yes! It counts if you vote on your phone instead.
  3. Vote using the Facebook app here: or if you’re mobile !!
  4. SMS!! Sms in the following formate: NE11 <space> WEB <space> C3, C6, C7 <space> NRIC <space> Full Name to 76677 . The C is the group name so you can find that on the website.


  1. C2 – The Singaporean Blood in Us by cedar3
  2. C3 – The Olympian by DinoSoar
  3. C4 – Snakes and Ladders by Doughtnuts & Donuts
  4. C6 – A Beautiful Song by Geekstrux
  5. C7 – TEARror by impossibro

OK THEY ARE MY TEAMS SO BIAS-LAH. Go have a look see of their productions on the voting websites!

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SDS 4.1 – Tubthumping

It’s a new season of Sarah Does Singapore! If you don’t know this series, it’s me going about Singapore and having adventures.

Well, it’s a new year and all, so it’s BACK! If you wonder what’s up with the titles for the posts in this series, it’s songs… for a Playlist. This song if you want to know for this episode.

AND I went to Grapple Max Dojo for a trial session! (You can check their facebook here too.)

This was @grapplemax! You get to learn pro wrestling techniques.

A video posted by Seriously Sarah (@sarahcoldheart) on

They have single sessions where you can just pay for one session, a package deal (check their website to know more) and a package deal where if you have a buddy it’s cheaper.

Or if you check out their facebook, there might be special promos.

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