The Christmas Coup!

The Christmas Coup!

It is the Winter Solstice, and naughty elves have spirited Santa Claus away. Without him to spread the Christmas cheer, winter will never end, and spring will never come. The clock is ticking. Can you find him before the day is over, or will the world be locked in darkness forever?

It’s an escape game run by The Guild in conjunction with *SCAPE’s Naughty Or Nice fair from 9-11 December.

In these three days, the sessions for the game runs at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm.

Starting location: *SCAPE Carpark and Playpace, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

You can get tickets at

BUT WAIT, scroll down and read the rest of this post (I have discount codes for you) to know more about the game.

I'm an investigator

As part of the media, I got to try out a preview of the game and comparing it to other escape games, the difficulty for this is quite OKAY.

Just really be in your investigative mode. Sometimes it hits you like duh.

Anyway, you get a little badge because you’ll be part of the Black Cat Detective Agency when you sign up for a session.

This little badge will also help you out when you go around *SCAPE. YES, the game is around the whole building of *SCAPE.

No hints for you but you will win *SCAPE vouchers worth more than $80 if you can solve everything within the time limit and if you are the top 3 teams for your session.

I think it’s super worth it (if you can solve, heheheh) since your ticket costs much less than that.

I can’t take pics of the hints or clues because that will be spoilers and I want you guys to have fun. What I CAN give you are discount codes!

Entering the promo code  TCCSARAH while purchasing tickets at their Peatix page at will unlock a special discount for tables of 4 pax at $40 instead of $50+. So that’s pretty much $10 per person!

Or SMOLELF will let you buy the ticket at $10 only for 9 December for a single person.

Maximum team number is 4 people so grab 3 friends with you to go investigating this case.

If you’re on your own, you might be grouped with other people in the same session.

My tuurrrreet!



Those who play Overwatch will want to either destroy it or hammer it.

It’s done by Repla and they will be running workshops to create your own steampunk ray gun.

And yep, this will happen at *SCAPE too!

9 December at 6pm and 10 December at 2.30pm.

Each session gives you a whole kit to modify to make the kit and you can sign up for a session here:

Sorry no discount code for that but hey, the whole gun is pretty much going to be worth learning and the materials for it!

Ok, so why is this escape game or even this workshop happening?

It’s *SCAPE’s first time doing a Naughty or Nice Christmas Fair from 9-11 December (12pm-9pm) and they’re having stage performances, food booths, stalls and workshops. For a whole list of workshops you can sign up, check it out here:

Come on down because well, um, if you have no idea what to get your friends and family gifts for Christmas, I think this fair will help you out.

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