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The full Cedar3 team! I managed to finally see all of them at the same time in this picture on their instagram.

Yay, excitement

When I visited them in week 2, I only saw 3 of them BUT A DIFFERENT 3 from when I visited in week one.

Their story
Consisting of 4 girls from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, Lua Tze Teng Tanya, Kaila Boh Tsui Ning, Chai Gien Lyn, Kayla Yong Enxin have been working on a mixed media animation called The Singaporean Blood In Us.

So scary

Instead of just having to animate on 2d, they had to draw using water colour.

This was their ‘stage’ with a syringe and… and red??

So much red!

9 bottles of red.

Apparently they are two types of red for two different scenes and this particular colour is now sold out in Singapore for now.


They swiped all the red for this brand for their animation.


The girls have also been ‘overtiming’ by staying back until 8.30pm every day to get their scenes done.

It’s not enough they had to do the physical mixed media of red watercolour on paper, they have to animate it on their computers too.


They’re so hardworking though.

And once you see their finished production, you’ll know why it took a lot of time.

For one thing, the part where they had to do their watercolouring took a lot of tries to get it right.

One fun fact about their mini tent where they’re doing production is that they think it smells like a hospital because they have panadol, tiger balm and all that on their tables.

Apparently their shoulders and wrists ache a lot from all their bending over their computers and animating.

Hang in there girls!!

our new blog post is up !! check it out to find out what we’ve done in the past week 🙂 link in bio #ne11c02

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Even with all their work, they’ve been quite active on their social media!

Follow their instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/_cedar3/

Or read their blog at: https://blog.nemation.sg/author/cedarthr33/

They can be lolarious so please check them out.

The time of this posting is their third week, I hope they’re all okay since they need to finish everything by Friday!

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