Soaring high like a DinoSoar

It’s the team from DinoSaur and they are promoting their team facebook here:

Coming from Kent Ridge Secondary School, Putri, Jihan, Iqmal and Farihah are the only full Malay team in N.E.mation! 11.

The day I visited them in week two, they already had at least 13 crashes on their systems with their extensive work.

Not many of their friends know they made it into N.E.mation! 11 so please support them, th

They have a little kit of medicine since they had been having colds and aches.

So far from what I see, they’re ok lor in their timeline.

Their animation is fully 2d so crashes withstanding, they’re getting there with rotoscoping and then colouring.

How do they rotoscope?

They get a reference video of the actions they want in the animation, “trace” over it and then they have to colour and make their own backgrounds too.

And they are pretty cool on instagram. You can see they’ve made friends or played games with the other teams too.

Follow their instagram! They really need more followers, just help them with a click here:

Or read their blog when they’ve managed to get their posts through:


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