Do prefer Doughnuts and Donuts?

When I visited Doughnuts & Donuts, the girls from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School (Chia Hui Xuan Michelle, Chong Wai Sheen, Raksha Saravanan and Nur Ilyzah Hazwani Binte Erffian), they were not eating donuts.

They were eating baumkuchen and were offering it to other people and groups too.

They like to put jokes on their instagram so you might want to follow to read them and make other people groan too.

Why are they chill?


Their 2d animation work has been quite on time since all of them have made the part for their scenes. But we’ll see how it all works together when we get to see their animation next month.

It’s about snake and ladders and how there’s ups and downs in life and to see how we all go through them together.

Also, their tent has a special bin made up of a large cracker packet??

That’s recycling indeed.

If you want to know about riddles and what they’re up to, read their blog here:

raksha says theyre playing american football ft. square 92 and 69 of our board #ne11 #ne11c04 #doughnutsndonuts

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Or follow their instagram here:

For more jokes and riddles!

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