Who made it?

It was the prize presentation for N.E.mation!11 yesterday and finally the conclusion to this round!

By the way that was the OneHeartBeat Percussions who warmed the audience up with their music and clapping participation.

Cause ya know, percussion, rhythms and one heart beat and all that.

It was fun clapping along.

A speech by the minister Dr Janil Puthucheary about total defense and then it’s time for a run for all the videos once more and come on, we all just wanted to know who WILL WIN.

It came up to Cedar vs Cedar… AND Team MADEit made it!!

And that’s it for this year. Loot and prizes for everyone! Who won!

And then it’s interviews and everyone congratulating the teams cause it’s really their day to finally relax without the suspense of knowing who would win.

Aaaand finally mingling time! Ok this is the best/worst time to try find the teams because everyone is congratulating them or just being interviewed by the news.

Anyway, to all the teams I wanna congratulate you guys for making top ten and enjoy all the loot you guys won.