Odex Film Fest!

It ends on the 26th which is this weekend. Mostly, it’s a Golden Village thing but there’s an event at City Square Mall where if you get free Odex Film Fest Goodie Bag with a minimum spending of $50 in a single receipt (or $100 if NTUC receipt) at the L2 Customer Service Counter.

But from what I saw, people were redeeming their goodie bags instead at the Atrium so do looksee where to go.

There’s this one station for you to check out Sword Art Online on the ps4 but I’m sure it’ll be crowded during the weekend.

Here’s the wefie booth for the Odex cosplay wefie competition. More details on their facebook post because it’s kind of complicated on how to submit.

You can pose with these posters if you want too. But mainly that’s for publicity.

And Chopper!

You know, I actually had a facebook reminder that I was posing with Chopper, 4 years ago at J-Obsession at the Cathay. I wonder if this is the same Chopper.

And here’s the stage!

It’s not too big and the tournaments and games will be happening around it. So try to come early and get a good spot cause it’s not that large of an area.

To those who managed to get the tickets for the film fest, yay you guys!

Ps. If you come to City Square. I recommend the beef noodles on the top floor. They’re really good.