FCBD at GnB , Yellow Princess and Doujima

6 May 2017 was the first Free Comic Book Day that GnB had at their new premises at Kitchener Complex.

No more queuing up in the heat but it was so much slower than before since it was in air con and… WHY ARE PEOPLE BROWSING AT THE COUNTER?

We have Howard giving up mini prizes to quiz questions while we waited in line.

10 comics to pick and STILL YES WHY ARE PEOPLE BROWSING. It is FREE.

Is it cause it’s in air conditioned mall instead of the second floor of Rochor Centre? It is free so just grab and go next time, OKAY?

If you don’t like it, talk to people around you for a swap, you can make more comic reading friends or even pass to a friend you know who might like the story!

MOVE ALONG PEOPLEEEE. If you were kiasu, just check online for FCBD, GnB even posted pics on what titles would be available the previous day.

At another end, you can take pictures with this. It’s niceeee also, the movie was great.

This year’s format is to go upstairs after you got your sticker for the 1USD=1SGD sale.

Or you could go redeem items with your points (I didn’t because there was a queue and I was rushing to the next event).

Notably we have Sheldon Goh and Alan Quah as guest artists for commissions too.

Missing from the usual guest is someone due to something which we might just guess.

Comic readers might know the kerfuffle is about something to do with X-men.

In any case, these are good artists to give their time to come by GnB to do this.

And yay, I got to pick out a keychain.

The nice thing is that this box is ‘unattended’ in the shop but everyone is nice enough not to snatch SO MUCH like greedy people and just take one or two (there’s juggernaut heroclix things) items in there.

And this is where I rushed off to Kinokuniya for Global Beards‘ launch of the second Yellow Princess book. Yellow Princess: Attack on the Amber Citadel!

I was moderator for the session for Wayne and Gene.

Basically it was an intro to the universe and then with the help of the audience, they created a new story that involved Yellow Princess and Phil the zombie duck.

Here they are with Kenny Chan, the store director.

And you can get both book 1 and 2 of Yellow Princess at Kinokuniya. Go look see if you’re coming by the store.

Last stop on this nerd geekish day (I didn’t get to go to Star Wars run village unfortunately) is Doujima at Suntec.

It is their FIRST year at Suntec too and wow, it was a heck load of people. Perhaps more than previous ones at Scape?

We’ll only know after their press release of the results.

HEY A TRADITIONAL SKETCH WALL. It’s sponsored by Picarto.tv . For everyone convention that I remember for anime/manga stuff there’s always been this wall and you get to see all the different art on it.

Thankfully everyone is vaguely PG on it also so that the walls can still stand.

I saw this… don’t deflate it. DON’T.

Else Team Rocket would come by tackle it or something. The minders should have worn suits while guiding the cosplayer around hahahaha.

The trend of this year’s booths are washi tape, acrylic standees and charms besides your usual prints.

Tissue is free at this booth for your tears (of joy) at the ending of Yuri on Ice.


Ok this was $25 and AUGH I WANTED TO BUY BUT NO.

Anyway, there were also commercial booths and talks happening at Doujima. It’s really at an impressive scale this year that I hope the organizers can manage the crowd next year? It seems like one of those conventions that will keep on growing.

So that was the utterly nerd geeky day I had on Saturday. FUN since I got to see friends and woah, thankfully all are within town area in a way. They’re all accessible via MRT at the very least.

See you next level. Catch you at the next event!


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