It’s Lazada’s 6th Birthday!

It’s Lazada’s 6th Birthday and they have a present for you!

Their birthday festival sale starts on 24 April until 26 April 2018.

Ok, what’s the details? Since it’s their birthday, there’s going to be discounts of up to 90% off, more than 600 flash deals and… up to $120 vouchers?!

In the previous birthday deals, I can’t remember they had that!

OOOH AND there’s SURPRISE BOXES again! It’ll cost $29 but it’s worth around $100.

And ok, this is the year of huat aka 2018 so we might want to look nicer so there’s only 4 exclusive premium beauty boxes worth $100 but going at $50.

It’s probably some atas brand and all.

I don’t know but what I can tell you is their gaming section surprise box!!

Here’s what I got as a preview for the celebration, the Leapfrog Surprise Box!


So what’s in it for 2018?

I can only reveal to you two items. The items for this year’s box… Well, if you had a monitor and a CPU, you’re all set already.

ANYWAY Let’s have a close up on the Alcatroz items!

The X-Audio 2.1 with super reflect bass comes in the box like that.

The speakers are powered by one usb cable and to connect your computer/phone/whatever is by one audio input cable.

You can control the volume on the right and the bass amount on the left.


Next is the Alcatroz Xplorer Go! 100BT bluetooth keyboard. It comes with batteries so you can just use it out of the box.

Insert batteries at the back, the on and off switch is there along with the bluetooth connection button.

Here’s the stats. Also you can use it on iOS/Android/Mac/PC.

Pretty easy to connect for PC and it works just like that.

Same with Android. Didn’t have a Mac/iOS device to test out with but it should work.

Compared to other wireless keyboards at home, this is one of the lightest and smallest since it doesn’t have extra space for a numberpad or a trackpad.

So there’s two Alcatroz items in the Leapfrog Surprise Box which already is worth more than $29 together!


Valid for the first 100 new customers only, you can get 18% off, capped at $6 with the voucher code: LAZPARTYNC6 if this is your first time buying at Lazada.

As always, the surprise boxes are the first to go, you can click this link to start to refresh when it is the 24 April to just head straight to buying it. Good luck to all!

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