It’s raining today and probably tomorrow

It has been such a wet season. It’s raining almost daily ever since my post about going to the Istana during the holidays. It’ll only be sunny for a just a few hours and then back to rainy skies once more.

Having a dryer at home is really useful during this season. In the news it had said we were supposed to have sunny skies by this time in February but I guess, global warming’s affecting it.

And hey, since 13 February, we are able to go unmasked on public transport. I’ll probably keep mine on when it’s super crowded, especially with school students.

If you were a young school student and remember the times back then, you’ll know that not everyone would be hygienic or care about ‘not getting sick’ even if they’re sick.

Anyway, the budget for Singapore was announced yesterday (14th February 2023) by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong. So far, a lot of it trying to get people have more babies because it all ties up together.

And there’s all those assurance packages for workers and whatnot.

I don’t know about you but listening to the Singapore Budget can be scary?

It’s full of what ifs. What if we can’t survive even with the packages. How much do we need to work in addition to our current work? What if we’re already overmax-ed our skill points but we still don’t have the opportunity to use them because no one wants to pay for overmax-ed skill points people?

I mean, that’s totally a plot point in Japanese and Korean dramas. People with a lot of qualifications try to ‘dumb it down’ just so they can get basic work because if you had more, they think you’re too “high” for it when all you want is just a job that gives you money to survive.

Would that happen here, in Singapore?

That’s just a what if.

Do we need to ‘hustle’ more even when we’re just surviving in our current work. Do we need to do more and how much more?

Like the continuous rain with the brief glimpses of sunshine in between as of late.

How much do we need to prepare even with all these ‘bonuses’ from the government?

Are they preparing for a flood or can we breathe a little and wait for the sun?

Can we wait for the sun?

I don’t know, so I guess. I’ll try to save harder for these rainy days.

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