Director’s cut of the story of Yeh Chi Wei

Last Saturday, which was pretty much the fourth of September had me going to the Singapore Arts Museum in the evening. This is the same day of what you’ll see in the next episode of SDS, heh heh. I was invited to this special session by@brainopera about Yeh Chi Wei which was going to be talk/tour by his granddaughter, Jacey Yeh! The tour is technically called “The (other) story of Yeh Chi Wei” but to me it’s like a director’s cut version of his story!

LE GASP indeed!

By the way, the exhibition is on until 12 September. ALSO, I read that she’ll be doing a tour on the 11th at around 5pm. Contact the museum prior to that or something. EDIT: Email Ms. Masitah Ismail (Education Officer) at for the tour!

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Into Narnia… Or Adventures with Sarah

Note: Hey, if you don’t want to be surprised or fascinated on your own, do NOT click to read more. These exhibitions will last till the 27th December 2009 at SAM 8Q. Go to it without clicking below if you’re the sort that would appreciate FUN exhibitions where you can interact with stuff! If you click more, then you’ll know what’s there (duh) without going through it yourself. It’ll still be fun to go to but you won’t be surprised.

Singapore Arts Museum 8Q

This is the post where you can click the pictures to see a larger version because the details are SO needed to be seen! Have you been to the Singapore Art Museum at 8Q lately? There’s one exhibition that will last until the 27th December that you need to go to if you like going to arty places or pretty much fun things. It features the President’s Young Talents 2009.

I went there on a Saturday for Fleatique, some flea market thing, waiting for one stall to open and it didn’t. At least from what I saw, the table was still unoccupied by the time I left there at around seven with my friends from the Nanowrimo write-in. Anyone who joins me for a walk around tends to land themselves in adventure. See the tank behind there? Well, some SAM ladies (volunteers, I think?) handed us some pamphlets of the programme for the next few months and told us that we could actually control the WATER on the fourth floor.

And so we did.

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