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Thursday May 28th 2015



Dragonboat of Miracles

page 1 of Dragonboat of Miracles

Click to embiggen! You guys, this is the Dragonboat of Miracles, illustrated by DatWorks.

Check out their facebook page! They’re a team of local artists and sometimes you might see their art booths in the conventions here in Singapore.

Anyway, what’s this Dragonboat of Miracles?

DatWorks has recently been doing some work for DBS Bank. Living, Breathing Asia!

We’re working on “Dragonboat of Miracles”, a sports-themed manga that celebrates the teamwork, passion and zeal of athletes as they paddle towards a common goal for the DBS Marina Regatta!


What you don’t know (until now, or if I told you in real life) is that I wrote the story.

Yeah, you wanna read more, click my read more cut.

Or you won’t see the button if you clicked this post directly anyway.

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Time to Pay Back

Yes, it's us

Guys. It’s May. And soon it’ll be June and then I scream because after that is Hari Raya.

Yeah, that’s me with everyone posing for Hari Raya and yes, we all have assorted urls, even for Dawn the cat.

Anyway Ramadhan starts around 18 June this year and that means it’s time to pay back if you know what I mean.

Ok, if you don’t, it means FOR THOSE WHO COULDN’T puasa last year, you got to ‘pay back’ before it hits this year’s Ramadhan. You knooow? It means to fast the days you didn’t get to do because of blood magic girly stuff/illness/whatever.


And then after that, you can prepare for Hari Raya things. Like, kueh and clothes.

And yes, my family does do the whole colour scheme thing so while we might not all wear the similar things, we might have a colour theme? I don’t know.

Once, I wanted us to go in Power Ranger colours and I called dibs on pink but nooo, that’s just so much work or something. Still, it would be cool if we had. We have enough people for red, blue, yellow, pink and black.

Bonus green for Dawn the cat??

And then if anyone notices the colour scheme, I’d go yessss.

So a reminder, fasting month begins around 18 June.

The month where your non-Muslim friends go “OOPS, I FORGOT. AHHH SORRY” when they say you wanna go eat stuff or something. No worries though, after that it’ll be holidays yay!


Ps. I’d just buy my kueh. Ah ha ha ha haaaa.

Doujima 2015!

Doujima 2015 poster

It’s Doujima once more and it’s on this weekend of 25th to 26th April at Scape!

The event will also bring the launch of Extravaganza 2015, an annual regional art competition jointly organized by CDS, NUS Comics and Animation Society (NUSCAS) and NTU Visual Arts Society (NTUVAS).

To get to Scape, the nearest mrt station would be Somerset.

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The board

It’s #tbt aka Throwback Thursday. So why not throwback to 2004?

Ok, I only knew cause it was stated in my pictures that this was 2004.

They were scanned from prints so you can still see scanlines back then and slightly weird contrast balances. It was probably an assignment for basic photo class during poly and instead, I took trip to my secondary school’s ECA (now called CCA) aka the military band.

Actually, they changed to concert band when I graduated so… no more military at the time I took these pictures.

I’ll probably get the film actually scanned properly and replace these whenever I find the originals.

That year was the first year for Bedok South Secondary School after they moved to the ‘new’ location of Jalan Langgar Bedok.

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Life is Strange

#lifeisstrange #lifestrange and I mean the game and not so ennui quotation. #instax #camera

A photo posted by Seriously Sarah (@sarahcoldheart) on

Life is Strange. And I mean Life is Strange the game. It’s a 5 episode game and right now at the time of the post only the first and second episode is out. 2 episodes and then I bought an Instax camera.

Alright, I wasn’t really influenced by the game to buy the camera but it was in my list of things I wanted to get for myself/work because I kept borrowing Instaxes from others. Life is Strange just merely made me go “Yes. I’m going to get this now”.

How is it so far? It’s freaking cinematic and the sound track makes it as if you’re in a movie as you play as Max Caulfield.

Basically, you can rewind time and since this is a Squeenix (Square Enix as others might call it) and Dontnod game, there’s nosebleeds and headaches and me going “NOOOoooo!”.

It’s a mystery we’re all trying to figure out and it’s just two episodes now. One episode can just last around a few hours or an afternoon so it’s really like watching an episode of some drama but with cinematic features and interactivity.

You might like the background music too because it’s what makes the whole thing complete.  

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Bag Meme

Considering the past week was a week of mourning in Singapore, I really didn’t have any ‘adventures’ or the such.

But instead, have a bag meme.

What do you have in your bag? This bag is just my smaller bag of items. Usually, I have more in it.

Want to know what it is?

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Pumped up kicks?


Meanwhile, my shoes are dying.

Ok, it is expected after going adventuring all over Singapore with them.

I do hate going into stores so I usually check online for shoes to buy them instead.

The upside is that I do get it delivered to me without meeting people at all and the bonus part is that the shoe box can be given to my cat. Dawn really likes shoe boxes and I like nice shoes.

Reminds me of Leliana from Dragon Age. She’s a tough rogue but she loves nugs and shoes.

What kind of shoes DO you guys like to wear anyway?

Give me some suggestions I should try out instead of my regular adventure shoes.

Food with Furry Felines


Ok guys.

You know I like cats and helping them out and stuff. Love Kuching Project is having a silent bid for dinner with kitties. Or aka Dine With Cats.

This March is the first of it.

How much is it?

Dine With Cats
Because we are a nonprofit corporation, DWC is not going to be operated based on cat cafe charges, but by freewill donations starting at $50 per diner via a silent auction.

You can bid here. Bidding STARTS at $50 per person and for a maximum of 4 people who can win the bids.

So what IS it actually or for?

1) You like cats, but can’t have cats? Or like to go to cat cafes and such. Well. Love Kuching Project have a lot of cats that are in need of homes or are currently being healed and stuff. You can meet the kitties!

2) The proceeds help run the organization, if you ever want invoices/receipts of whatever they do, you can actually request in their email to see what monies go where also.

3) IF YOU WIN the bid, you get to eat vegan/vegetarian food with cats and aww your monies actually help out the cats!

4) You’re actually helping out animals instead of humans.

5) Besides eating with the kitties when you win the bid… Well, what if you get taken with one (or two) of them and ooops, ooops ok, maybe you’ll want to adopt them too.

5) Oklah if you don’t like talking to humans you can do that, you can talk with the kitties instead and eat food. The people there are very nice.

SO! Go and try bidding. Check out their page to know more.


IMAGINE. If you win the dinner. You eat with your love interest some vegan sausage or pasta or mushroom thing, I DON’T KNOW. And then you pick that thing and your love interest picks the same thing but you both are looking at a cat.







Go bid.

Music Makes the People Come Together Yeah!

Rocking out

I karaoked at Cash Studio Cuppage. Yeah, it was that fun. Oh yeah, you can like my friend’s fb page here or watch her ‘official’ debut in this video.

I call this gif, rocking out or “LET’S KARAOKEEEE”.

Cash studio card

Here, if you want the address. Cash Studio at Cuppage Plaza is along 5 Koek Road. It’s in the basement of the building.

And yes, it really has Japanese too. Which was why we chose that place because of um, anime theme songs.

Cash studio rates!

The rates at this time of post of 2 March 2015.

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How to Lo Hei for real

Hello friends.

All the guides online I’ve seen are how to lo hei are if you’re Chinese and you would totally get what it means.

This is a how to lo hei guide from a non-Chinese for our international friends who have come to learn our cultures also for Singaporeans here who haven’t experienced a lo hei before.

My drawings will be replaced with pictures but I wanted to get this out before tonight or noonish when corporate yushengs are had in offices.

FIRSTLY. Yes, number 1 questions is always is yu sheng, Halal?

Well, it’s a bunch of vegetables and either raw fish but mostly, if you’re in an office or whatever people will prefer to get smoked salmon since they can keep it in the fridge or somewhere while waiting for everyone to gather.

So for you vegetarians, it’s not uh vegetarian unless they got the vegetarian pack aka no fish. There’s crackers too so yes, if you want to look, it’s only the fish and the crackers.

The rest are pickled vegetables.

You can get tons of Halal Yu Sheng sets in the supermarket because it’s freaking packed vegetables in tiny containers.

Yu Sheng

It’s usually on a plate or in a plastic bowl/plate thing if you buy those sets from the supermarket since it’s easier for them to pack.


If you’re new to lo hei. You just joined  a company and stuff and this is new to you, THIS IS HOW to make you look like a professional lo hei-er. If you’re doing it at a restaurant, you can ignore below because all is SET UP for you.

How to Lo Hei for Real


Paper the table

Yes. PLACE NEWSPAPER all over your table and maybe even the floor. Once, I had one year where we pre-empted because we had low ceilings and put newspaper on the ceiling. This is important especially if you don’t want the cleaners to be pissy at you in your work place OR yourself for not thinking of it first.

Do you know what a lo hei is? It is for luck and prosperity and we want that immensely so the higher the better, mmkay?

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