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Monday September 1st 2014



ICDS 2014 (part 1)

Dat Baka!

International Cosplay Day 2014 was quite an exciting day that I’ll have to split my posts into two. This is the general event reaction post. Interview with the special guests will be on another!

Anyway, it started off with Dat Baka saying hello to us, introduced by Jason, the organizer of the event.

The line for his autograph.

After a little session on stage with opportunities for people to take photographs, it was meet and greet session. Mind you, this was early in the morning and that was how his queue looked like, heh.

Heroes of the Storm?

Alright the free zone was quite nice since you could still try out demos and visit the ‘corporate’ booths. This was Asiasoft’s Heroes of the Storm set up. Too bad I didn’t have anyone with me that day or I’d take a picture and pose with the vehicle.

Heroes of the storm!

Right now it’s in beta and if you want to sign up, head to the Heroes of the Storm website and follow the instructions and wait till you get access.

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A Teaser Pose

It's Dat Baka.

Or rather a teaser post.

I spent my Sunday at ICDS and it was fun.

But for now, just have a teaser since ahhh. That was a packed weekend.

Also, of course. Have some of Dat Baka’s abs.

SG50? SG50!


I was invited to the second Engagement and Networking Session for SG50. I didn’t go to the first but since I was invited to check it out, might as well! I was interested in SG50 or what would happen then.

Ok, for you guys who haven’t heard about SG50, it’s about Singapore’s 50th birthday next year aka 2015!

You, yes you can do something for it. You just have to think about what you want to do.

Anyway, this networking session was for companies in private sectors to participate and help make the celebration meaningful and beneficial for their customers, employees and their families.

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Two Thirds

Shape Run

It’s August. I just went for the Shape Run yesterday aka Sunday. It ehh, well the ending could be better in terms of organization.

Somehow the water points were really slow and thus it made collection of finisher t-shirts and medal slow too.

That’s number 8 of 12. For some reason I’m running one race of sorts per month. It wasn’t really in my things to do in 2014 list but eh, it seemed like I couldn’t stop when I had done the first few months and thus, I might as well try finish until December.

I’ve taking vids of it too so hopefully it will be able to be edited into one whole video for all the runs I have gone for the year.

Also, here’s a question for you.

If what sort of convention should I look out/go to that isn’t in Singapore?

I’ve seen Loncon on my friends’ pictures and Gencon too but really, if I had the opportunity to travel and such, which convention should I go to?

Oh and duh, you don’t have to answer SDCC, that one is must some day but what other ones would be cool to go to?


N.E.mation! 9 – Do YOU want to win a trip to the USA?

NE9 logo!

It’s N.E.mation once more and this year’s theme is BECAUSE WE BELIEVE.

How can you win a trip to the USA? Well, this is how:


NE9 poster

Click to enlarge the pic. The basic details are:

  • Form a team of 3 to 4 students from your school.
  • Register online at
  • Submit your story ideas on the central idea (Because We Believe) by 15th August 2014.

Really. If you have no idea how to start a story, they have guides like this Free online Story Workshop at

WHY am I encouraging you to do this if you’re qualified to do it? BECAUSE IT IS SO, SO WORTH IT.

Besides the main prize of a trip to the USA, they usually also have so much more for the other finalists too and that you’ll get to see YOUR animation finished.

Not everyone can make a short animated story you know.

That was N.E.mation! 8 winners. Interestingly, they were my team! And you can see in the video that they had so much fun there. The prize, while being able to have an educational time learning animation from the studios, you will also get to go to fun places like Disneyland and museums.

I’ve been there before and really, it’s freaking fun.

So, do think about the theme “Because We Believe” with your friends.

Why is that the theme this round?

Singapore is what it is today because our pioneers believed in Singapore and were united by a determination to build a strong, secure and cohesive nation.

As we mark Singapore’s 50th year, it is a good time to reflect on the values, principles and convictions that will continue to shape the nation and the home that we want for Singapore and our future generations.

NE8 Champions!

Yep, so do grab your friends and submit by this 15th August 2014 I believe it can be done with determination.


If you can finish a story by the deadline, that means you might have what it takes to finish your animation by the deadline if you’re in the top 10.

Remember to check out the N.E.mation website to see if you are eligible and all the other small details! Or, check their facebook here too.

Plus… if you really want to know more of what other prizes there are besides the trip to the USA, you can check it here.

Just go. Do it. Don’t be shy. Don’t think you can’t do it. You can. And as you might say with your friends, YOLO.

Playing around Clementi

Clementi Mall!

This post is brought to you by becauseI got invited to check out Clementi Mall!

Yes, it’s like part 2 of my adventures in Clementi mall.

I really find it self-sufficient since it has really a lot of amenities and fun stuff like book stores and… GAMES.

Zepy Games

Like Zepy Games which is on the fourth floor of the mall at #04-11/12. But it’s near the info counter so you’ll definitely see it easily in its orange glory anyway.

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Cookie time in Clementi

Clementi Mall!

This post is brought to you by becauseI got invited to check out Clementi Mall!

It’s a convenient to get to mall because it’s just outside the Clementi MRT. You can’t miss it really and it has a lot of amenities inside including a post office, so that’s cool.

A library is also on the top floor and I returned my books before I explored the mall.

It's Famous Amos!

Ahh, the basement had a lot of other food but I was checking out Famous Amos. It’s at B1-K2 by the way.

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Prepare for ICDS!

Media meet for ICDS

I got invited to the media meet for International Cosplay Day Singapore aka ICDS because I’m one of the media partners for this event! WOOOH.

Let me give you the short details.

It’s on 24 August at *SCAPE and starts from 11am to 7pm.

There are a few price ranges this year including free. SO YEAH. Do look at the price ranges on their website here including where to buy the tickets.

And now, what is going to happen there?

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Liquid Running

Liquid City Volume 3

Liquid City Volume 3 launch was on Saturday at Ngee Ann City’s Kinokuniya. Yaaay!

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Sneaking Loudly

Bubble bubble!

You guys, if you talked to me lately, you would have known that I had been looking for women sneakers online because:

a) I had my adventure shoes and I realised once I needed to wash them my alternate shoes would be it

b) And then when it rains, my alternate shoes would be wet too.

So I had to get another spare pair but something that is fetching and nice and not so typical?

Anyway, I ended up at Zalora since my friends shop there and from what I heard, they had really good deliveries and customer service. So ok, can. Plus, real life stores don’t really have shoes that I wanted.

From the sneakers list they had, I wondered, to try Superga?

Because they actually had it and I read the brand from Rinaz since it is Italian and pretty ok?

IN THE END THOUGH, ha ha ha nooo. I chose this Macbeth sneakers because they looked SO ROCKING and fun and non-typical.

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