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Wednesday July 29th 2015



Driving Merlions

Merlion Edition

Yes, what you see here is a special edition Mini 4WD Merlion Edition – Singapore 50th Anniversary Tamiya car.

I got it from Stargek.

It’s an Avante base from what I built but with a Merlion rider and… You can see for yourself how the design is.

It’s… It’s pretty tacky. It’s one of the tackiest things I’ve ever built. I don’t know, maybe someone really likes this design?

Good for them but it’s not my style.

Still, it’s pretty unique.

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Be a HERo


It was SAF 50 last week, the day when you might have seen uniformed forces wear their, well, uniforms.

But HEY, on that day, we also had a Born a HERo event. I got to spell it like that so you can see the pun. Heh heh. It’s actually just Born a Hero. What’s it, really?

Commemoration for the SAF’s 50th anniversary (SAF50), women’s website Material World has launched the Born a Hero project to celebrate the unsung heroes behind Singapore’s defence. Sponsored by AXA Singapore, Born a Hero will tell the stories of ordinary women who have contributed to the success of the SAF in their own ways. 

Oh yeah and this also:

Here’s to the unsung heroes of Singapore’s national defence! Join Material World as we celebrate mums, wives, girlfriends, daughters, and colleagues who have played a part in ensuring the success of the Singapore Armed Forces. Every $10 donation to Halogen Foundation will give you a ticket to this shopping event at TANGS Orchard! Join host Irene Ang for an evening of fun, shopping and sharing!

So that’s why you got all these ladies queuing up at the Providore at Tangs. They got vouchers, discounts and coupons in their bags!

#saf50bornahero #materialworldsg yaaay

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Of course, here’s Irene Ang being the host of it all. 


This was the deal on that day. Click to enlarge! They got to get a lucky draw form with every $100 spent in a single receipt and win prizes.

A winner!

The first winner of the lucky draw! Really easy.

Another winner!

Spend and win, really. Like Swensen vouchers, one month’s subscription at a gym and so on.


Well, the lucky draw was fun and all but while we waited for the Born a Hero panel session, we were also entertained by two musicians.

Blank Space cover by Johan and Sophia. #saf50bornahero #materialworldsg A video posted by Seriously Sarah (@sarahcoldheart) on

I don’t know their facebook or webby or anything but hey, I did get their names at least! Drop me a link if you know they have one.


With food and fancy juices (italian sodas?), shopping and lucky draws, we got to know more about the Born a Hero panel consisting of 4 ladies over there.

Deborah Tan ( founder of Material World), Judy Kong (BoH personality), Setoh Wei Leng (BoH personality) and Priya Shahane (Chief HR Officer at AXA Singapore).

It was a short and casual panel. If you want to know more, go to Material World to read it!

Rather informative too and I think most of us would see Judy on the news lately too because she (the one in white) was the first woman in SWANS!

That’s the Singapore Women’s Auxiliary Naval Service (SWANS) in 1964, as a volunteer. It was a time around the Konfrantasi and all that she decided to volunteer to help Singapore.

Back then, they trained on their own time and she was a teacher too! So for three hours, twice a week, she trained on a ship.

Ok, hers was the most interesting to me because WOAAAH. First woman to be part of the SWANS even before there was such thing as regulars for woman.

For Deborah, she founded Material World and you can see how awesome that is and why this Born a Hero thing was happening, Wei Leng talked about how she supported her boyfriend who was in NS because really, you got to support your partner while they’re in it and suck it upppp it’s like so nooo you’re in there and I’m out here but nehmind, we have time we can wait and we’ll see you again.

Ok, she said in more poetic terms but yeah, you keep supporting each other.

And Priya talked about team work about how guys go for reservist but there’s always a contingency plan so that it will not disrupt the team’s work.

Also, I kind of explored Tang’s. I didn’t realize what was in the upper floors usually because the basement is where it is at for me. The cookery section. Heh heh heh. Ok, I don’t cook much but look at their frying pans and grills and blenders.

It’s so pretty.

Anyway, it was a pretty neat event because, let’s not forget the ladies who support our SAF too.

As a mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife or you know, just a friend.

It really is teamwork when everyone works together for Singapore.

Twitter On

Twitter SG

I got invited to Twitter Singapore’s new office.


Because I am… a power user as they say, in their words.

Or is it because I spam a lot or sometimes make things viral, I don’t know.

It was a little disconcerting when I said who I was on twitter and the staff there were all !!! at the door.


Anyway, wooo. This is one of their pantries or at least the one near reception. It’s so fancy.

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After what? Aftershock PC


I got a new laptop! Her name is FURIOSA. She’s a new rig from Aftershock.

Why a new laptop? Cause my previous one was somehow missing?

I don’t know but I couldn’t wait for a PC show or sales and such. I needed a new one.

After asking everyone and posting on FB and twitter, pretty much with the requirements I wanted, Aftershock seemed to be it!

OH WAIT YAH, this is not an advertorial.

This is me going AHHHHHHHH cause now everyone seems to want to get an Aftershock after my ‘research’ and everyone else’s machines dying.

Ok. The research was pretty much discussing with everyone online which would be best with my requirements and then everyone figured out their own and yeah… That’s it really.

SO YEAH, this was how it went.

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Dragonboat of Miracles

page 1 of Dragonboat of Miracles

Click to embiggen! You guys, this is the Dragonboat of Miracles, illustrated by DatWorks.

Check out their facebook page! They’re a team of local artists and sometimes you might see their art booths in the conventions here in Singapore.

Anyway, what’s this Dragonboat of Miracles?

DatWorks has recently been doing some work for DBS Bank. Living, Breathing Asia!

We’re working on “Dragonboat of Miracles”, a sports-themed manga that celebrates the teamwork, passion and zeal of athletes as they paddle towards a common goal for the DBS Marina Regatta!


What you don’t know (until now, or if I told you in real life) is that I wrote the story.

Yeah, you wanna read more, click my read more cut.

Or you won’t see the button if you clicked this post directly anyway.

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Time to Pay Back

Yes, it's us

Guys. It’s May. And soon it’ll be June and then I scream because after that is Hari Raya.

Yeah, that’s me with everyone posing for Hari Raya and yes, we all have assorted urls, even for Dawn the cat.

Anyway Ramadhan starts around 18 June this year and that means it’s time to pay back if you know what I mean.

Ok, if you don’t, it means FOR THOSE WHO COULDN’T puasa last year, you got to ‘pay back’ before it hits this year’s Ramadhan. You knooow? It means to fast the days you didn’t get to do because of blood magic girly stuff/illness/whatever.


And then after that, you can prepare for Hari Raya things. Like, kueh and clothes.

And yes, my family does do the whole colour scheme thing so while we might not all wear the similar things, we might have a colour theme? I don’t know.

Once, I wanted us to go in Power Ranger colours and I called dibs on pink but nooo, that’s just so much work or something. Still, it would be cool if we had. We have enough people for red, blue, yellow, pink and black.

Bonus green for Dawn the cat??

And then if anyone notices the colour scheme, I’d go yessss.

So a reminder, fasting month begins around 18 June.

The month where your non-Muslim friends go “OOPS, I FORGOT. AHHH SORRY” when they say you wanna go eat stuff or something. No worries though, after that it’ll be holidays yay!


Ps. I’d just buy my kueh. Ah ha ha ha haaaa.

Doujima 2015!

Doujima 2015 poster

It’s Doujima once more and it’s on this weekend of 25th to 26th April at Scape!

The event will also bring the launch of Extravaganza 2015, an annual regional art competition jointly organized by CDS, NUS Comics and Animation Society (NUSCAS) and NTU Visual Arts Society (NTUVAS).

To get to Scape, the nearest mrt station would be Somerset.

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The board

It’s #tbt aka Throwback Thursday. So why not throwback to 2004?

Ok, I only knew cause it was stated in my pictures that this was 2004.

They were scanned from prints so you can still see scanlines back then and slightly weird contrast balances. It was probably an assignment for basic photo class during poly and instead, I took trip to my secondary school’s ECA (now called CCA) aka the military band.

Actually, they changed to concert band when I graduated so… no more military at the time I took these pictures.

I’ll probably get the film actually scanned properly and replace these whenever I find the originals.

That year was the first year for Bedok South Secondary School after they moved to the ‘new’ location of Jalan Langgar Bedok.

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Life is Strange

#lifeisstrange #lifestrange and I mean the game and not so ennui quotation. #instax #camera

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Life is Strange. And I mean Life is Strange the game. It’s a 5 episode game and right now at the time of the post only the first and second episode is out. 2 episodes and then I bought an Instax camera.

Alright, I wasn’t really influenced by the game to buy the camera but it was in my list of things I wanted to get for myself/work because I kept borrowing Instaxes from others. Life is Strange just merely made me go “Yes. I’m going to get this now”.

How is it so far? It’s freaking cinematic and the sound track makes it as if you’re in a movie as you play as Max Caulfield.

Basically, you can rewind time and since this is a Squeenix (Square Enix as others might call it) and Dontnod game, there’s nosebleeds and headaches and me going “NOOOoooo!”.

It’s a mystery we’re all trying to figure out and it’s just two episodes now. One episode can just last around a few hours or an afternoon so it’s really like watching an episode of some drama but with cinematic features and interactivity.

You might like the background music too because it’s what makes the whole thing complete.  

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Bag Meme

Considering the past week was a week of mourning in Singapore, I really didn’t have any ‘adventures’ or the such.

But instead, have a bag meme.

What do you have in your bag? This bag is just my smaller bag of items. Usually, I have more in it.

Want to know what it is?

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