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Wednesday July 23rd 2014



Liquid Running

Liquid City Volume 3

Liquid City Volume 3 launch was on Saturday at Ngee Ann City’s Kinokuniya. Yaaay!

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Sneaking Loudly

Bubble bubble!

You guys, if you talked to me lately, you would have known that I had been looking for women sneakers online because:

a) I had my adventure shoes and I realised once I needed to wash them my alternate shoes would be it

b) And then when it rains, my alternate shoes would be wet too.

So I had to get another spare pair but something that is fetching and nice and not so typical?

Anyway, I ended up at Zalora since my friends shop there and from what I heard, they had really good deliveries and customer service. So ok, can. Plus, real life stores don’t really have shoes that I wanted.

From the sneakers list they had, I wondered, to try Superga?

Because they actually had it and I read the brand from Rinaz since it is Italian and pretty ok?

IN THE END THOUGH, ha ha ha nooo. I chose this Macbeth sneakers because they looked SO ROCKING and fun and non-typical.

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Liquid City volume 3!

Liquid City 3

Guys, it’s the book launch of Liquid City Volume 3 on 19th July, 4pm at Kinokuniya!

The one at Ngee Ann City aka Orchard.

Go check it out because Max is in it! Yeah!! Ok. Sonny Liew and all other famous artists too but THIS IS WHY THIS IS A BIG THING. WOOOH.

Prepare at least $38.90 because it is a volume of WOAHness. That’s the price I saw on the kino site anyway. It might be cheaper in real life due to member discounts or book launch?

On a semi related note…

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Pikachu break!

Because I had work during the weekend. In the meantime, have a picture of Dawn and Pikachu sharing a box.

Oh and you guys, do you know International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) is on the 24th August this year?

Drawn In

Comic Artist Face Off!

It was the comic face off at the national library, one of the events for Read Fest. Technically, I attended a wedding earlier in the day but then Max was suppose to attend this and it was quite nearby so we look-see-ed it too.

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Dragons all the way

We had a mini Fantasy Fandom event at Jurong Library last Saturday. It was really casual and just a non-formal thing. Giveaways and prizes.

By the way, on the left, that’s Dino, the library’s mascot.

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It’s the International Year of the Family !

International Year of the Family 2014

It’s the international year of the family. I know, or rather I didn’t know that until now. I do know that there are international food days and don’t really pay much attention to that but hey look! Year of the family sounds nice and aww, non?

It’s by National Day Parade 2014 and MSF and from 5 May to 16 June 2014, everyone can submit a Big-Hearted Story of a person or family that has made a difference in their lives. Ok kind of too late for you readers who just read this post for the story part now but do read on.

This year, IYF seeks to encourage big-heartedness within the community. It hopes for everyone to share the warmth of their family with others around them. As such, through the Awards, members of the public will have a great opportunity to express their heartfelt thanks to those who have made a difference in their world!

We would like to invite you to support IYF by taking part in the Awards and saying thanks to a special someone in this meaningful way! It could be a neighbour, colleague’s family, volunteer, teacher, friend, or even a stranger!

It might be too late for you to join the contest at the Big Hearted Family Awards website. ACTUALLY, it isn’t if you’re reading this in the morning. DEADLINE is before midnight 16 June (11.59pm) so just from the heart, I am sure the words will come out for you to say and nominate special someone/ family for the Big-Hearted Family Awards.

Nominate them and you might win NDP preview/actual day tickets too!


Remember, family doesn’t have to be blood related, it’s who you deem family or someone special to you.

You can also check out Care & Share , info which you can also help out in the community in Singapore. Yes. I know such aww togetherness and whatnot. You can donate or volunteer your services to various communities from there if you don’t know how to start.

You do realize, that not all volunteerism means going to an old folk’s place and cleaning or whatever right? You can contribute what skills you have to various groups that you want to help out.

That’s how it all starts in also being ‘special’ to others.

I help out in the cat side with Love Kuching by making videos and sometimes taking pictures which helps publicize the group and thus is also caring for the community.

It's MY family.

Need an example for how to nominate someone?

Well, I would write a bit about my parents. It’s not ONE someone but ehh, since it’s my blog I can write it. NYER HUR HUR. I know, that’s kind of like a cheatcode. But yeah, I can’t choose.

They’re both inspiring and in the medical line too. No, not as doctors but as the support who also work with patients or health care workers. Amidst all that, they also care for the family… AKA MINE. Ok, maybe this isn’t a really awesome example of what to write in your nomination but really, they had been there always and are super caring.

Sometimes if they see people on the streets needing help, like an elderly man not being able to stand up and lying on the street while others were just walking by (?!) they checked up on him and took him to the doctor and then to his home. Or staying with lost kids until their parents managed to find them. I don’t know, it might be also as simple as making sure that my grandparents are also ok and checking up on them too.

Yeah, it takes time and energy and effort and they DO IT. Which is totally inspiring.


Anyway, go nominate someone special to you in Big Hearted Family Awards!

Lion Dash 2014! Aka the end of Tampines Bike Park

Up and downhill

8 June 2014. That’s the last day of operations for Tampines Bike Park.

That’s also the date of my first Lion Dash. After Lion Dash, the place is closed for it’s going to be redeveloped into houses.

Kinda sad though because there are so many freaking buildings in Tampines that it’s getting very claustrophobic there and wow, this bike park is actually very nice?

There was also an area where the extreme sports competition for mountain biking was held before and I could see people biking up and down the slopes, enjoying them before it would be closed forever.

I don’t know where else in Singapore you’d have an outdoor arena like that.

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It’s all public here


THERE. I’ve finally put a simple placeholder thingy on the side of my blog to just state I am available for advertorials or reviews since people do ask me.

It’s simple for now but there you go.

I’ll mark stuff as advertorials or if they’re sponsored items, I’d say it in a blog post and all.

After all, I do say which ones I do get ‘access’ to and all or the ones which I just heck it all and grab it by myself.

Yeaaah, this is a very short post today.

Soul Sucking Selfie

I find it interesting that selfies are a thing now. To take a picture of oneself at some place or with whomever.

In primary school, there were cameras during excursion days. We used film since digital was kind of crap. Yeah, I was one of the first ones who got to use a digital camera because there was a workshop in school for journalism?!

It was a cool camera.

The digital camera had a slot for a floppy disk. It was cool and it didn’t even really have megapixels. Picture above is from here since mine is stored somewhere.

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