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Monday November 24th 2014



Watching Time

Of course a Baby G

The watch I am wearing now is because I actually won vouchers from blogging at the previous N.E.mation. Maybe a coincidence or maybe it’s luck or something. But the teams I’ve supported have gotten top positions.

Each time.


I wonder if future N.E.mation teams are reading this, hur hur.

Anyway, I was reading the new Apple watch thing and then learned about Milanese and somehow I was lead to Invicta Men’s gold watch I’m not linking it because when I did, it was stuck in my Amazon history/suggested list and really.

It may be one of the most expensive watches around but it was definitely one of the ugliest to me.

Sometimes I like guy watches cause they’re rugged and cool but they can be big but I am also so glad that watches for women aren’t that bad in terms of design. They can be elegant and some good brands just call it for ‘women’ when it is the exact same model type like for ‘men’s’ just that it shrunk a little.

With that said, I have no idea how people don’t wear watches. It’s good to know what time it is and really, sometimes phones might run out of battery.

I think you can guess what I mine because a) it has to be shock proof b) adventuuuuure c) IT HAS ANALOGUE AND DIGITAL.

So yeaah, what watch do you wear?


I walked by Flavour Flings on my way to the coffeeshop previously but they weren’t officially opened yet.

Now they were and I walked in. It was a pretty simple layout with a chalkboard of sorts painted on the wall above their cashier (only cash please!) front.

Ok, very well.

I did flip through their menu, pages on a clipboard and settled for nacho cheese fries. Especially when I noticed something…

Their menu had turkey ham, salmon and chicken sausages. There were no signs of bacon at all. A hipster cafe always had bacon spammed (pun!) everywhere because it was a thing to do. This was a big clue to me… Was it Halal?

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Here and there!

Nanowrimo write-in!

This weekend was woah. By the way, we still have nanowrimo write-ins for one more session at Orchard Library.

The rest will be at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Raffles Place. Info is on the Singapore forums for Nanowrimo anyway.

What you basically do is just write in.

That’s why it is called write in. You write in there, yes. That’s it.

You still have time if you want to join Nanowrimo, it’s not even the last week of November so you can still catch up and write!

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Gadis Melayu Yang Terakhir


Just a brief post, it’s about Nanowrimo. There’s still time if you want to join it.

By the way, my story is going to be in English, the title is just somewhat of a pun reference thingy.

Here is the start:

The history books said that Singapore was a sleepy fishing village.

That was a horrible lie.

I had no idea where I was but I knew I was somewhere in Singapore. Or rather, Temasek. I only knew this because either this was a very elaborate period set or that I went back in time somehow.

I know, one might think I am sounding utterly too calm for this but I assure you reader, I am not. On the exterior I am such a cool person but on the inside I am wondering what the heck did I do to deserve this.

And that’s how you know that you don’t really have to have quality when doing Nanowrimo, just write the story out first.

Ok, that’s it for this post. GO JOIN if you want to.

Let Them Eat Cake

This is a fictional story, if you can’t tell. Since it’s below a thousand words, technically it can be considered flash fiction.

Featuring cameos from:

Cheese the cat



Yi Shu

Who are actually real and pretty much because I asked who wanted to cameo in this weird fic.


Let Them Eat Cake

by Seriously Sarah

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Nanowrimo kick off 2014!

The date: 25 October 2014

Starts at 4pm

Location: Possibility Room (5th floor) at National Library

Dresscode: True to Yourself

RSVP here!

I know it’s on the same day as Games Start and a lot of other events too but ehh oh well. Ours start at 4pm so there’s mucho time to go to the others too! (I’m going to Games Start on the Sunday.)

How to get to the Possibility room? Here’s a video:

And here’s the poster! Since you’re reading this, that’s neat. I didn’t state it on the rsvp there and all but I shall wear a dragon suit or something. That’s the exclusive info for being my reader (?!).

Nanowrimo Kick Off

Don’t be shy. Or well, you can be shy too but just come to the party.

Bagedil Tahu Recipe

the ingredients

Or in other words, bagedil that is made of toufu. Usually bagedil is made of potatoes but my family makes both variations. The potato and the toufu ones. You can probably find the recipe easily for the potato one since it’s everywhere, this is the one made of toufu. Also, cause my friends asked me for the recipe, so here you go since it’s a holiday today and I managed to take pictures on how to make it.

The ingredients:

2 red chillies

1 egg

A bunch of parsley (daun sup)

Fried onions or shallots

Handful of prawns

6 small firm toufu

As Asian cooking go, yes. It’s pretty much guess the amount of ingredients to put in. You can make it vegetarian by NOT putting the prawns in or if you want, you can substitute the prawns with tune or something.

We had some prawns at home so oooh, ok just added it, usually ours can be ‘plain’ without it and it is still heck delicious.

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How to ask for help?

HELLO EVERYONE. This post and all my posts before are always moderated in comments so if you ever do comment, wait a while before I approve or well, not because a) this is my blog b) I didn’t ask you to read it.

However I am putting it publicly here as a warning or reminder to all or to safeguard each other or you know. WHATEVER.

I am pretty much pissed off when writing this. ALSO I didn’t punch the guy because on technicality he didn’t touch me. I AM JUST PISSED IF YOUNG SCHOOLGIRLS OR EVEN SCHOOLBOYS OR ANYONE ASKS FOR HELP, WILL THEY GET IT?


Dear LTA and SBS,

I am posting this on my blog just in case you don’t get to see your feedback channels or it gets lost in the midst of complains that I am sure you might have.  Thus, I am also going to copy paste this email to both of you since SBS has a feedback page while LTA at least has a public email under their contact us.

To cut it short, an old man sat next to me in bus 51. It was then I noticed he was sitting quite next to me, not the usual, guyish big legs kind of sitting but a suspicious kind of way. I wondered if he had a health issue or perhaps it was just his zipper making his crotch pants bulgy because hey, sometimes it happens. However, I was suspicious enough to move to another empty seat when it was available because he wasn’t doing anything too suspicious just shifting now and then.

Once I sat on the empty seat however, a few minutes later a lady sat down on a seat on the next row. It was then he also moved and sat next to her. Now it was obvious what he was doing because he was now shifting more and was holding a folded umbrella and using it as a ‘shield’ or a prop.

My stop was approaching but now since I knew this wasn’t a coincidence, I shouted at him and asked him if he was a pervert. The old man just smiled and tried to play it off. I approached your bus driver and told him what happened in English in simple terms. “There is a pervert in the bus. He is touching himself in your bus” but unfortunately your bus driver could not understand me and told me that the next stop was Bugis.

This could be quite a comedic happenstance since no matter what I told him, he could not understand me even if I had said aloud for the whole bus to hear that the man was masturbating in the bus.

Unfortunately, no one else in the bus would help translate what I said.

In my own way, I am glad to at least say it out loud so that the lady was warned and that there was a couple sitting behind her too if anything for I stomped out of the bus angrily. For that would increase more suspicion on their part.

My fault was that I didn’t take the number of the license of your bus nor did I take a picture of the pervert because I was too incensed about it. Because really, I was too angry that your bus driver couldn’t understand me that such things was happening in there.

Thus LTA/SBS, while you have your Thoughtful Family campaign now, can you tell me what should I do or others do when drivers cannot understand that there is something happening in their bus or perhaps in trains?

This was just one incident, if there was another incident, what should we do or what is your protocol?

As it is, I checked on this SBS page on Public Transport Security Committee and there is actually nothing on the page.


EDIT: SBS REPLIED on 27th September. That’s good. But so far they say they’re investigating and going to counsel the driver. However, we’ll see how because I asked them what is the SOP instead.

Things I Didn’t Learn in School

This should be in a category of its own, I guess but this is after all a semi announcement.

You’d know if you were talking to me as of late.

For now, I’ve researched the ‘self-help’ or non-fiction side of Singapore’s publishing and it’s either Candid which is pretty much self publishing but they do have distribution services or Armour which is not really self publishing and more well known for the self help or even Marshall Cavendish. I’m gonna give first dibs to Two Trees first whenever completed though for reasons.

There might be Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown or Twentysomething: Why do Young Adults Seem Stuck? by Samantha and Robin Marantz Henig and much more but they don’t really have it for Singapore context. They’re books are helpful but still, it’s good if you can have something that is not US-centric.

And no, I didn’t think of this when I read their books. I only learned about their books after my friends pointed their existence when I wanted to write mine. Heh, looks like we all need a lot of help somehow.

So here’s Things I Didn’t Learn in School aka #TIDLiS if I wanted to hashtag it. A non-fiction book which I haven’t tried out before but ehh, my blog here has been pretty non-fictional yeah?

I’m switching in between my fiction and non-fiction work whenever I get stuck so this is pretty ok.

That’s it for today’s State of Sarah because… really I wanna let you know the things I didn’t learn in school.

A walk around the Sports Hub

The Kallang Wave!
I was invited to a Sports Hub tour last weekend and it was pretty informative and yesss much potential fun.

By the way, the easiest way is to drop off at Stadium MRT. Once out of there, you will have the mall, Kallang Wave to your right. And the visitor’s centre for the Sports Hub is in the building to the left, after the sports library.

I assure you, it just hit me why the mall is called Kallang Wave. AUGGH.

Anyway, Calvin (or do I spell it as Kelvin?) and Jennifer were the guides for our group. Here’s Calvin starting off the tour. They’re both really nice by the way.

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