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Friday March 27th 2015



Pumped up kicks?


Meanwhile, my shoes are dying.

Ok, it is expected after going adventuring all over Singapore with them.

I do hate going into stores so I usually check online for shoes to buy them instead.

The upside is that I do get it delivered to me without meeting people at all and the bonus part is that the shoe box can be given to my cat. Dawn really likes shoe boxes and I like nice shoes.

Reminds me of Leliana from Dragon Age. She’s a tough rogue but she loves nugs and shoes.

What kind of shoes DO you guys like to wear anyway?

Give me some suggestions I should try out instead of my regular adventure shoes.

Food with Furry Felines


Ok guys.

You know I like cats and helping them out and stuff. Love Kuching Project is having a silent bid for dinner with kitties. Or aka Dine With Cats.

This March is the first of it.

How much is it?

Dine With Cats
Because we are a nonprofit corporation, DWC is not going to be operated based on cat cafe charges, but by freewill donations starting at $50 per diner via a silent auction.

You can bid here. Bidding STARTS at $50 per person and for a maximum of 4 people who can win the bids.

So what IS it actually or for?

1) You like cats, but can’t have cats? Or like to go to cat cafes and such. Well. Love Kuching Project have a lot of cats that are in need of homes or are currently being healed and stuff. You can meet the kitties!

2) The proceeds help run the organization, if you ever want invoices/receipts of whatever they do, you can actually request in their email to see what monies go where also.

3) IF YOU WIN the bid, you get to eat vegan/vegetarian food with cats and aww your monies actually help out the cats!

4) You’re actually helping out animals instead of humans.

5) Besides eating with the kitties when you win the bid… Well, what if you get taken with one (or two) of them and ooops, ooops ok, maybe you’ll want to adopt them too.

5) Oklah if you don’t like talking to humans you can do that, you can talk with the kitties instead and eat food. The people there are very nice.

SO! Go and try bidding. Check out their page to know more.


IMAGINE. If you win the dinner. You eat with your love interest some vegan sausage or pasta or mushroom thing, I DON’T KNOW. And then you pick that thing and your love interest picks the same thing but you both are looking at a cat.







Go bid.

Music Makes the People Come Together Yeah!

Rocking out

I karaoked at Cash Studio Cuppage. Yeah, it was that fun. Oh yeah, you can like my friend’s fb page here or watch her ‘official’ debut in this video.

I call this gif, rocking out or “LET’S KARAOKEEEE”.

Cash studio card

Here, if you want the address. Cash Studio at Cuppage Plaza is along 5 Koek Road. It’s in the basement of the building.

And yes, it really has Japanese too. Which was why we chose that place because of um, anime theme songs.

Cash studio rates!

The rates at this time of post of 2 March 2015.

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How to Lo Hei for real

Hello friends.

All the guides online I’ve seen are how to lo hei are if you’re Chinese and you would totally get what it means.

This is a how to lo hei guide from a non-Chinese for our international friends who have come to learn our cultures also for Singaporeans here who haven’t experienced a lo hei before.

My drawings will be replaced with pictures but I wanted to get this out before tonight or noonish when corporate yushengs are had in offices.

FIRSTLY. Yes, number 1 questions is always is yu sheng, Halal?

Well, it’s a bunch of vegetables and either raw fish but mostly, if you’re in an office or whatever people will prefer to get smoked salmon since they can keep it in the fridge or somewhere while waiting for everyone to gather.

So for you vegetarians, it’s not uh vegetarian unless they got the vegetarian pack aka no fish. There’s crackers too so yes, if you want to look, it’s only the fish and the crackers.

The rest are pickled vegetables.

You can get tons of Halal Yu Sheng sets in the supermarket because it’s freaking packed vegetables in tiny containers.

Yu Sheng

It’s usually on a plate or in a plastic bowl/plate thing if you buy those sets from the supermarket since it’s easier for them to pack.


If you’re new to lo hei. You just joined  a company and stuff and this is new to you, THIS IS HOW to make you look like a professional lo hei-er. If you’re doing it at a restaurant, you can ignore below because all is SET UP for you.

How to Lo Hei for Real


Paper the table

Yes. PLACE NEWSPAPER all over your table and maybe even the floor. Once, I had one year where we pre-empted because we had low ceilings and put newspaper on the ceiling. This is important especially if you don’t want the cleaners to be pissy at you in your work place OR yourself for not thinking of it first.

Do you know what a lo hei is? It is for luck and prosperity and we want that immensely so the higher the better, mmkay?

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Tickets to the ship!

I went onboard the RSS Endurance because of SAF50@Vivo and mostly because I won tickets from the Channel News Asia morning show quiz. HOHOHOHOH. You guys. You should enter quizzes and try win tickets for stuff if you’re into them.

I know that sounds a bit duh but you’ll never know if you don’t try and see if you might win tickets to the thing you love want.

I wanted these particular set of tickets because WOOH.

Note the little corner on top? It’s got a special bit where we can ride the FCU aka Fast Craft Unit!

I like speedy things, you see.

Mostly, to be on them.*

RSS Endurance

Since I had tickets we went in quickly past the other line since there was a queue for general public too. Anyway, it’s so exciting to be on a ship like this.

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Jupiter Ascending… ASCENDED

Reaction Shots

I really like Jupiter Ascending and while there are so many websites and tumblr posts about the movie. Here is my non-spoiler reasons to watch it:

1) It is diverse. Like, ACTUAL diverse.

2) Space!Dorian is in there. You know, from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

3) Space!Dinosaur-men

4) Teeny fangs wolfy Channing Tatum

5) The lead heroine aka Jupiter is like us. Like, really.

6) Such romance. Such lines. I know some people will be screaming my name, wondering if I influenced the directors in the romantic lines (I didn’t).

7) It has a lovely story of really, the message is: What you do is not who you are.

You can be a sweeper or some minion but that’s not who you are. You are much more than that. And vice versa.

You can be a rich noble but who you really are might be a douchcanoe.


THANKS. THANKS FOR NUMBER 8 BY THE WAY. It really is. You know why?

It reminds me of times when we had Princess Bride, Legend (with the pantsless Tom Cruise) and Labyrinth.

IT HAD ENOUGH DRESS CHANGES AND PRETTY WARDROBE like it too. But yesss. All it needed was a ballroom dance scene. Was there a ballroom dance scene? I can’t remember because I was already stunned at the whole thing. PLEASE HAVE A BALLROOM DANCE SCENE IN EXTENDED VERSION.

There has to be one.

It’s like Sucker Punch with less suck.

While Sucker Punch made me go YES YES YES AND THEN no…no… nooo. After the fish dance peak in Sucker Punch, this just made me go “YOU DID NOT GO THERE. YES YOU DID GO THERE. OK. FINE. LET ME… SUPPORT YOU, JUPITER CAUSE you’re like a friend”.


For a spoilerific reaction WHY I liked Jupiter Ascending.

If you clicked this link straight without the read more, don’t read past my picture of my wrist with the word SPOILERS on it if you don’t want to be spoilered.

Or read my random ravings of the movie.

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Down the Road

HP stuff!

Harry Potter night was held on the afternoon at Orchard Library on the 7th Feb since well, a lot of us could only make it in the afternoon of a weekend.

Nifty stickers were had and stuff from the library too!

Lime juice at JTown.

A photo posted by Seriously Sarah (@sarahcoldheart) on

After the little soiree hosted by Midnight the Magnificent (her nick on Nanowrimo), I led my friends to Orchard Midpoint for J Town!

That’s Jakarta town, not Japan town. Anyway, I got the little office lady, Fuchico from Tokyu Hands. I might want to get more of her.

The crowds down the street

And it’s the second last episode of pedestrian night at Orchard road apparently.

If you want to catch pedestrian night, looks like next month is the last installment of it. That’s the first Saturday of the month and it starts at 6.30pm.

I don’t know what’s March programme is but it just is nice to walk down that road when usually it’s just traffic?

Mind you, it IS a hassle when you realize there’s traffic divergence and all but I think we’ve learned about it by now?

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So Sure? Yeah

It's Irene Ang!

I got invited to the first Fly Social Exchange at Bar Naked. Actually, I was a bit “Hmmm” about it because the topic was SG50: What does it have to do with me?

If you didn’t know, I came up with the #SG50Game on twitter.

It goes a bit like this:


So I know SG50 is going to be here until quite a while. At least until the year is over.

However, I read that the invited panelists were: Pat Law, Daniel Ang, Patricia Mok, Kelvin Ang, Tosh Zhang and Hayley Woo.

Plus, since the moderator is Irene Ang

Then this Fly Social Exchange thing is going to be interesting.

Or at least, yeah I’m somewhat of a Pat Law fangirl, haaaa.

OH, fun fact: I once enrolled in Fly Academy’s acting class, it was nice. From the brief time I was there, I did know the place had quite fun staff and teachers (who are actors/actresses/hosts/etc). AND I KNOW Irene Ang is a really, really good host too.

PS. NO. I DIDN’T COUNT ALL the SG50 talk mentions in my challenge because I’m not doing it beast mode.

PPS. Before it all started, we learned that the hashtag was #FlySoSure because… Fly Social… GET ITTT?

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Escape from Reality

Escape from Reality

Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy (an imprint of Two Trees) is calling for submissions for a fantasy short story anthology to be published in 2015.

DEADLINE: 7 march 2015

Email submissions only:


Open to Singaporeans and Malaysians anywhere
Open to anyone living in Singapore and Malaysia
Open to any age, any educational background, any outlook

For more details check out:

GUYSSS. Always saw those tumblr prompts or wanted to write a story with them? WELL. You should try it for this.

Also… yes. Any ‘outlook’ is our code for WRITE WHATEVERS YOU FEEL and by any outlook, you should know what I mean.

Your characters can like anything or anyone they like as long as it makes sense.

Anything as long it is FUN to read. That’s our criteria. It better be entertaining and fun and not with IN YOUR FACE agenda. It can have the message inside but no blatant ones because the main thing is that the story has to be engaging read.

Do look through the pdf in the fine details, it’ll tell you how to submit your story.

Basically, when you’re feeling down. Or bored and you want to read something that takes you away from all this. That’s what we’re looking for. Write something that takes you away somewhere else.

It can be urban fantasy, fantasy fantasy, high fantasy, soft fantasy.

Just… just take us away, ok?

Phoning it in

Well, have Dawn with a bunch of vegetables.

And… this is going to be the super short version of a longer post I’ll have in the week but we’re OPEN to submissions for a FANTASY ANTHOLOGY.

Click here to check it out and download the details. If you read this sentence, good on you. Because hohohohohohoh, this anthology is gonna be woah.

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