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Friday May 26th 2017



A Smashing Time at The Fragment Room

So I went to The Fragment Room. If you ever played Overwatch with me, you’d know I like smashing things in the waiting room because the sound of breaking glass is fun.

And here I could do it in a safe environment and ok, I pretty much went there cause I wanted cool shots of me breaking stuff in slow motion.

GUESS WHAT, MISSION SUCCESS thanks to Nick cause he wanted to test out his phone and I wanted to also learn which camera is good for doing those shots.

Booking’s available online at their website. There’s an additional cost of $15 for clean up if you decide to bring your own stuff.

I went when they had been only opened for 8 days and wow, was it busy.

Their business cards was finished, you can see it was a cool folded one that was tearable. At least their postcards of sorts was still available when I went for my appointment.

Firstly, you got to sign a waiver form and then suit up! If you’re under 18, you need a guardian/parent to sign it.

The red badge’s mine, heheh you’ll see it in future posts if I got to wear random stuff like uniforms.

What’s provided are gloves, the coveralls, the helmet with face protector and rubber shoe cover/boots.

And of course.

Your bat.

For now I chose the metal bat, there was a wooden one and the Supreme crowbar if you decide to top up your package.

The sledgehammer wasn’t available yet when I went there.

8 days and so much stuff had been smashed in that room.

The person before me had been super enthusiastic and didn’t get to hear the “1 minute left” reminder from the person so wow, ok it’s fun?

I went to @thefragmentroom with @furryphotos on Vesak day.

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And then it was my turn.


The day I went, there was oddly a lot of other media people too and hey!

Joakim Gomez came by with his crew so I’ll probably see whatever he did eventually. Maybe it was a 98.7fm thing?

And that’s Nick taking the vid/pic of me hahahahah.

And now a few gifs. Because I like gifs. This one is my fictional movie screencap.

This is for when there are beer bottles around.

And this is for smashing capitalism.

Have a go at The Fragment Room if you like. All the details are in their website. Pics on their instagram or even their facebook to look see what’s there.

It’s quite fun, I got a little crate of breakables in my single player mode.

Maybe they should have a gift voucher of sorts? Teacher’s day might be coming soon, I think they might have fun smashing things around in the room. I know I would gift my friends or teachers that.

FCBD at GnB , Yellow Princess and Doujima

6 May 2017 was the first Free Comic Book Day that GnB had at their new premises at Kitchener Complex.

No more queuing up in the heat but it was so much slower than before since it was in air con and… WHY ARE PEOPLE BROWSING AT THE COUNTER?

We have Howard giving up mini prizes to quiz questions while we waited in line.

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Q-Swap Mobile Power Review

Hi guys! I got myself a Q-Swap Mobile Power bank to review. You can get it on Amazon here, click to buy if you want to try it out too.

Anyway, it comes like this in the kit! And the best thing is that it’s already charged for you so you can use it out of the box.

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Dance Break

Behold. I did the Chizza dance. Points if you know the song.

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There was a KFC Chizza contest and they said to dance the Chizza.

So I did.

And I won one of the prizes!

Anyway if you think this is a filler episode, YOU ARE RIGHT. I am so backlogged on my posts especially my train one! So here, here’s another bonus video since you’re here on my post.


What are you doing this Good Friday? #f8nitrous

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Boxed in like a panda at Artbox Singapore

Drop at Bayfront mrt, walk out of Marina Bay Sands and you’ll get to Artbox Singapore.

That was the first afternoon opening of it and it was totally wet due to the rain.

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I visited Tanglin

15 March 2017 was the first fan meet of Tanglin the series. I was invited to come and yes of course I did want to see the set!

We got a tour of the facilities in Infinite Studios where the whole set for the Tongs, Lims and Rahmans plus the cafe was at.

The entrance led us to the kitchen where we met Belle (?) the actual chef for the show and also the writers. We traversed through a small corridor where it led to various rooms for the cast to change or rest and the wardrobe.

After that we went on set!

Finally I could see the small details of the show. You can just watch Tanglin on tv or Toggle if you want to see how it looks like usually.

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En route

Away from comp.

I’m on a train from Bangkok to Singapore.

So I’ll just leave you with this first.

It starts from a Spark

I was invited to the sneak preview of episode 6 of the DBS Sparks series.

Episode 6 will officially premiere on the 17th March, noon on their channel.

I watched it and it is quite touching, as it has to do with education and the cultural sensitivities in villages where girls aren’t able to study. I can’t say more without spoiling so perhaps you can just watch it yourself!

The whole series is actually based on real life events that the bankers actually go through.

You might think it’s fictional, but it’s not! Episode 6 is especially influenced by one of the Social Media Enterprises that they have supported, like Zaya.

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Surprise! It’s Lazada’s 3rd Birthday!

It’s going to be Lazada’s third birthday and THAT means discounts galore from 21st March 2017 to 23 March 2017.

With that, I got a Logitech X Lazada surprise box from them!

What’s a surprise box? Well, for their third birthday, Lazada will be having specially curated boxes for sale in addition to their over 300 flash deals.

It’s like those Japanese lucky bags, where you will receive a few items that is worth more than what you pay for.

All you have to do is pick a brand (there are MANY like Laneige, Razer, Sandisk, 3m, Sennheiser etc) and purchase it during their birthday.

All Surprise boxes are worth a minimum of $100, but sold at $29 nett on 21st Mar. In addition to these amazing Surprise boxes, Lazada will be having crazy deals – up to 90% off and 300+ flash deals over the course of 3 days.

You won’t know what you get!

So what did I get in my Logitech surprise box? HMMM. Give you a hint if you choose a Logitech box.

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Logan – Older, Fuller, Sexier

Hi everyone.

Before I start anything, I want to tell you that Logan is a very good movie.

I won’t give you spoilers but it is beautiful (and M18 for the violent gore and language).

I wanted to watch it before I did this post because everyone else (Red Dot Diva, HereBeGeeks and even Mothership?!) wrote about it. The it, that was Absolute Comic’s review on wanting Laura to be older, fuller, sexier.

This is the tale of someone in that company being an utter dolt about social media because right now, the post has been deleted but it has sent ripples through the geek/pop culture community who actually buys stuff from that shop.

RDD and HBG pretty much tells you what happened and WHY it is bad. Let’s forget about Mothership, they’re just in it for clicks with that vagueish fact article.

I’m just gonna tell you why that review pissed off a heck load of people.

SCREENSHOTS from various people by the way.

On March 2  Absolute Comics trended on twitter. This was the first time a local comic store in Singapore trended on twitter and it was because of their movie ‘review’.

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