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Saturday April 19th 2014




Mee Goreng.

It’s been quite a while since I did a State of Sarah post. The fourth month of the year and I’m like “Whaaat?”. We’ve gone through the first quarter or we ARE going to go through the first quarter.

And while I don’t post everything here, I have been in quite a bunch of adventures and events.

There’s unannounced stuff and oh, I should promo my Facebook Page more:

More to come because my crew have noticed, it’s always a lull in the first part of the year and then FWOOSH, things happen and it goes into a steady stream, until fasting month like a season hiatus and THEN it goes fwoosh back again.

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That’s it for Sydney!

I’m just going to compile all the other adventures we had in the rest of the week in Sydney in this post.

Hahhah. Or, tl:dr, just click the video. That one mostly has stuff of us at Luna Park though.

Olympic park!


Cause you know, we should actually HAVE one picture of me on a scoot, scooting away in Sydney. Else I wouldn’t be in Sydney if Scoot hadn’t Scooted me here.

Try saying that ten times fast.

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Sarah Does Sydney Day 1 & 2

Lord of the Fries!

So I went to Sydney and wow. What an adventure, the first thing we did while we arrived at the airport was make sure we had our data stuff! I used Optus and Lyn used Vodafone. They’re just there when you get out of the arrivals at the Sydney international airport.

Both are good but I’m fancying Optus for their $2 per day for 500mb data and free local (Australia) sms and calls. Vodafone had some deal like that too but I just had Optus cause my friend passed his microsim to me in Singapore.

From the airport, we took the train to town hall! Pretty easy really, just got a multipass with an airport exit pass and a 1 week pass. We were going to be there for 6 days so, it’s pretty ok since we took a zone 2 multipass which meant we got to travel around the main city area anyway.

The first place we walked around and look-see-ed was Lord of the Fries!

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Ok guys, new fan art event coming up on 27th April 2014 by Neo Tokyo Project (NTP), Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) and Daiyaku.

Doujima Poster

Tadaaa! If you don’t know how to go to *SCAPE, it’s nearer to Somerset MRT than Orchard MRT although still walkable.

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Got out of here with Scoot

Scoot on a scooter.

SO I GOT AWAY from Singapore for a short while with SCOOT!

(Backstory: I wrote this post. Scoot replied to me on twitter/email cause they were too ‘late’ to buy me a scooter, they got me other things instead.)

While this isn’t an advertorial, I just wanted to let you know what I got since a lot of my friends wanted to know how the flight on Scoot is too since plenty want to try it for going to the upcoming conventions!

What Scoot emailed me was for me and A FRIEND to get return tickets on ScootBiz! That means their business class.

Also, I am to receive a free custom Scoot helmet.

I haven’t gotten that because custom helmets take time to print and be made anyway but I’m looking forward to it.

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And baaack!

I Scooted away!

Like, really. Just back so no post, just a teaser. I do want to say that it had been fun in Sydney!

We got a lot of rice. And loot!

1 million KG challenge

I kept seeing the ad for the 1 Million Kg Challenge on my facebook and I went “Oooh” when I clicked on it. The Health Promo Board is having a new campaign where people can win stuff when they lose weight.

The launch was the weekend of 15 and 16th March at Ngee Ann City. I had been waiting to know where the weigh in kiosks were going to be at and so this was the best place to get it.

It’s actually a campaign that promotes fitness and all that. The only pissy bit is that there ARE requirements if you want to join this challenge which is the whole BMI thing.

If you’re too under their BMI range, you can’t sign up, if you’re too over you can’t sign up either. I guess it’s for their own disclaimer safety because this is a general challenge and they can’t do tailored recommendations for those who are too under or over the BMI range to join this.

Really too bad though because I know there are friends who are over their BMI target range and want to do this. Plus, BMI is not the exactly the best way to measure because everyone has a different body type. ANYWHO, this ain’t a health blog, so y’all go research on what I mean since I’m gonna just continue about the event itself!

Spoiler alert: I am within their BMI challenge range so I can join this.

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A feast of Game of Thrones?

Savour 2014!

I was invited to the royal wedding of his highness King Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell by HBO Asia. For those who don’t know who they are, I’m gonna go “Whaaaaaaat” and also that they’re from the GAME OF THRONES.

A new season is beginning and thus, HBO Asia invited some of us geeks for a little get together at their event at Savour 2014. It’s at the Promontory this year.

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Filler post!

It's called pannbiff

Just a filler post. So have some very filling pannbiff, ah ha ha haaaa.

This was at Fika at Millenia Walk. They didn’t have Kopparberg so that’s actually Champis (they’re sodas) and it tastes kind of like Zapple, so apple soda. Mintea had Portello which DOES taste like caramel! It would probably taste really good as a float too.

I did blog about Fika at Beach Road before and YES, the food is still awesome, so yay!

Venus Run goodie bag!

Also, I picked up my Venus Run bag. I’ll be running next week and no, I’m not a run runner. I just uh, run and mostly walk too? It’s just 5km anyway.

Pretty much this is just a filler post since I have other things to post about in the week under State of Sarah.

For one thing, Scoot did reply to me and well… You’ll know soon what’s going to happen.

Congratulations to BOTH my teams!

The ceremony

The ceremony was a week ago, the 20th Feb at the National Museum of Singapore. Finally we would know who would win for N.E.mation! 8 . I had no idea really but I hope that my teams would win.

I’m sure the other blogger ambassadors wanted their teams to win too of course!

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