SDS 1.20 – Bork, bork, bork!

For those who don’t know the song, let me enlighten you with this clip.


Anywho, Avariel and Raven Silvers brought me along to Fika Cafe. When I mean brought me along, I meant that it was dark and we relied on Raven’s iPhone to make sure we were on the correct road. It is a Swedish cafe! Mintea wasn’t there for the evening but she had told us that her Swedish colleagues had told her that it was very authentic! (We didn’t see any hot Swedish guys at the time of our trip though.)

And so we traversed the dark streets to find it.

It was a fairly busy and crowded night but we got a table inside!

You can actually check out the menu on their website too but mainly, you’ll see what we ordered.

For starters, we had LÃ¥ngedrag salad.

They gave us each a little serving plate and so we shared the salad and it was gorgeous. I liked the Swedish roe thing and the prawn is quite yummy too with the combo of greens and the egg!

And then the meatballs came. BORK, BORK, BORK! The sauce is beautiful as we ate them with also the lingonberry jam. Sweet with a tiny bit of tangy of the berries with the cream sauce and beefy taste of the meatballs. It crumbles under the pressure of your fork if you are not careful to eat it properly! The meatballs are surely handmade and oh myyyy, with the potatoes it is gorgeous.

This is Swedish hash. Raven ordered this. It is a lovely combination of beets, potatoes and beef! The beets makes it refreshing with each bite of beef and potato. (We pretty much ordered different things so we could share and taste the different dishes.) The roasted potatoes are especially nice in this.

This is the Swedish pasta bake! Pasta, cream sauce, LOADS of beef topped with cheese. I ordered this. It is tres yummy but I asked the rest to help because it is very large somehow. Oh yes, all of the servings are quite a lot! The cheese is yummyyy. Also by this time we were scrambling to shove the greens and whatnot of the LÃ¥ngedrag salad onto our other main plates because we were getting a lack of table space!

Grilled salmon! Some places might have a tendency to overcook salmon but not here! At least from our first time here, the salmon is cooked very well with a delicious lemon butter sauce on it. If I wasn’t going for the pasta bake, I’d gone for this because I like fish so yesss. And look, the salmon! It is fish shaped! Or rather, it didn’t look like some weird non salmony shape and was served to us whole and unbroken!

Amidst all the food, I have no idea where they came from. I mean, sure they came from a kitchen somewhere but I didn’t see where from! You can check the selection of cakes they have by the counter too and they had tea. We didn’t get tea though since we weren’t there for that.

We were quite full but hey, since we were there we figured we’d try a dessert since might as well yeah? We opted for the Swedish pancakes with whipped cream, ice cream and lingonberry jam. If you guys know a Malay dish called lempeng, it was kinda like that or the French crepe! We finished that so you can know it was quite delicious too as we scrapped the plate for the ice cream and jam with tiny bits of pancake.

Our bill totaled up to a hundred whatsits because it was seriously a lot. Worth your money though like woah. Anyway, here’s the details to get to Fika Cafe and stuff.

Fika Cafe

Open from: 11am-11pm(weekdays) & 12pm-11pm(weekends)

No.257 Beach Road / Arab Street, Singapore
(on the corner of Beach Road and Arab Street)

They have a number to call if you want to have reservations too which is +65 6396 9096. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to note this too. It’s Halal!


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