SDS 1.21 – Thriller

And thus, when faced with zombies, bring a camera along. Avariel, Mintea were with me and later on we were joined by Miss Hallelujah and her friend Thurisaz83! For those who don’t know. THE GREAT BIG ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is an independent zombie movie done by people who wanted to do one! You can check more on their website about it. For now, we went to check out their zombie flashmob that was happening on a Saturday!

For one thing, it was going to be a busy Saturday at Orchard road. There was some Great Singapore Sale shopper race thing, a cheerleader competition of sorts from various schools and another flashmob of sorts on the other end of Orchard.

Meanwhile, the crew helped with the make up and everything for the zombies. Unlike the other events happening at Orchard, most of the people (or rather all) of the people involved were volunteers and doing this for fun to help out with the movie’s publicity!

The nice thing that even though this was all done by people who just wanted a zombie movie to be made, it was all very well organized! They had their papers, forms and whatnot to do this. Seriously, it was a lot of planning and preparation compared to some flashmobs I’ve known about and didn’t write on too for one not organized by some ministry of whatsits or company.

Everyone brought their own stuff and even the camera crew were volunteers who were there to help document it.

There was a final briefing on where the photographers and videographers were to be stationed along the route. The zombies were going to be in different packs with a “scene” happening at each spot.

I was with Mintea while Avariel went with Miss Hallelujah and Thurisaz83. We sat on a bench near the Heeren and since the zombies weren’t going to appear any time soon (we walked really fast to get to our station first), I had some breaded prawn from Old Chang Kee.

And then they came! From both sides of the streets. The Great Audio Experience people were surprised by the zombies. Those were the ones along the route towards Plaza Singapura organized by the anti-smoking campaign.

The finale spot for the zombie people were in front of Heeren where they got prior permission to do so. The fun thing was that for the finale, instead of some speakers, the organizers managed to get the Canon booth people to help play the audio needed for the end!

And so it started!

Heh heh. Yes. After that, they all went past Plaza Singapura and towards the Cathay.

There, they ended. That’s just some of the people in the picture there, haha the rest went off. What I find interesting that it is a ZOMBIE MOVIIIIIE made by people who just want to do it. It means no big financial backing and it’s done by people who just want to do it. There will be a screening of the movie on 5th June around 6pm at the National Library (there’s a screening room there) but for exact info, check their website out since it looks like you can also watching it on 15 June.

Well just check them out anyway! Or check their facebook page!

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