The Ultimate MegaZip Adventure Park Hijinks

This is the ultimate MegaZip Adventure post since if you’ve remembered, I went there before it was officially opened and then just a bit after when it was open but still with troubleshooting (since you couldn’t see in that post back then, they were still fixing up the place), NOW it is finally completed and smooth sailing! For one thing, there are SIGNS! HUZZAH! No more searching for the weird looking lion or wondering if you got to a wrong turn. If you’re taking the tram or express train from Vivocity, drop at Imbiah station!

Ok, before I get to the main bulk of the post including VERY interesting details about the park and pricing, you can check my video out above to see what happens in my summary video! If you don’t want to read the details, just watch the video and skip to bottom with the red text to check the pricing! This time I got invited to check it out by 24Seven and since a LOT of people do ask me about the MegaZip, I said yes.

This is going to be the Ultimate post on it.

Alright, if you’re going up Imbiah hill, you’ll see these signs. If you were from the other side of the beach, there’s a buggy that goes up to the hill and to hitch a ride, it’s $2! Really, this is worth it if you’re lugging a lot of things. The buggy can be found at the “exit” point for the MegaZip on the beach where you can also buy tickets at.

Once you get up the hill, you will definitely see the park since they now have a huge dragony sign saying “MegaZip”! Now, first thing you’d is go ahead and pay. I’m going to write all the stuff about the payment and fees (AND DISCOUNTS) at the bottom of the post so have patience, yeah?

Payment done, you’ll get your wristband on whatever package you’ve bought. I got the one with everything included.

Now, your bags and whatever you are lugging about will then be put into a large sack. Your valuable items such as handphones and wallets can be carried in a smaller bag that they will loan to you! It’s the netted looking one on the third picture. If you’re going in a group, just get one of your friends or just yourself to carry the bag and all of you guys can share it. This one will be used when you go on the obstacle courses so remember that you still need to balance!

Heh. Belongings done, you’ll be stepping onto a weighing scale to check your weight. The staff will write down your weight and sack number that you’ve placed your other items into.

They will bring the large sack down to the end point of everything. If you’re not doing the actual zipline, they’ll just hang onto your items and not send it down. By this point, if you are not wearing suitable shoes, they’ll loan you some Crocs.

And really, do you really want to wear Crocs? (Ok, maybe you do but I prefer sneakers.)

Harness time! The staff will tell you want to do and what not to do as you buckle up. Then it’s off you go!

The last stop in your briefing would be this. One of the staff will show you how you’re attached to the safety system and how to get onto each stage. Only 2 people are allowed at the “rest” points and only 1 person is allowed to go through the obstacle so you’ll have to wait since this is high up anyway.

Like my previous trips, there are 3 levels you can take! Unlike my previous trips, the levels are all set now! Level one is more interesting than the first time I went and all of the levels are… heh, heh challenging. If you’re doing the combomax, it means you get to choose just ONE of the levels including the parajump and megazip.

Choose wisely.

Level 3 is not for the faint hearted or those not stubborn enough to go on.

AND SO OFF YOU GO! It was fun. I took level 3 and whenever I get to a midpoint, I kept wondering, “WHY DID I TAKE LEVEL 3?! WHY DID I NOT TAKE LEVEL 2?!?!”. However, since I did do level 3 before and knew that I could complete it, I had confidence to do so.

Still, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t scary!


No matter, besides the obstacle course, we still had the parajump. It’s seriously safe but when you stand on the ledge, you might go “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” also since it’s not often you jump of ledges at least 5 storeys high. Might I add that this is one of the funnest group activities if you’re at the bottom and your friend is at the top with the rest of the party? VERY EVIL AND FUN.

Anyway, if a little girl can do level 3 and complete it, I don’t see why anyone else can’t. If you do get stuck however, DO NOT FRET. The staff supervises whoever’s on the ropes and if you’re stuck, they will give you instructions on how to go on. If you do get truly stuck and are fretting and all that, YOU NEED NOT FRET EITHER. One of the staff will come to your rescue and put you back on track on the next rest point or bring you down if you wish for that instead.

Oh yes, I didn’t do the Northface rock climb but what I gathered was that it’s an auto belay system so if you wanted to do that, you don’t need a partner to belay for you. In addition to that, for all of these, should you feel thirsty, you can take the bottles of water offered to you there! They have a water cooler too so KEEP HYDRATED, MMKAY?

Now, to the main Megazip! If you watched the video I post way above, you’ve pretty much seen what happens! Hahah, this time there’s a camera man at the tower so before you get launched off, they’ll take a picture of you! It could be the weather or that they tweaked the angles and adjustments of the Megazip but it felt “slower” than the first time I went…

The first time was “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” kind of landing. This time, the landing was lovely and smooth and… I got stuck a few metres away from the land site.


The staff at the end slid a rope towards me and woooh! I just held on as they pulled me to the landing spot! It is so nice to know that they have contingency plans for anything! For those people who ended up just too far away for ropes to be tossed to, to catch, you can see the picture above where the staff climbs swiftly and hooks themselves to the person to bring them to the end!

Don’t we look so cool like some cast of a TV series? The end of the Megazip and you’ll have to walk to the other station of the Megazip Adventure Park just at the end of the beach from where you’d land.

Return the harness, pick up your bag and you’re done! OH, the picture that’s taken at the top of the Megazip tower? You can buy it for $15! If you buy 3 or more, they go at $12 each if I’m right so it’s cool if you have friends who want to buy them too.


  • To do the obstacle course and everything, you need to book at the MegaZip Adventure Park’s website here. You can TRY to do walk ins but best if you have an appointment if you’re doing a group!
  • You get 5% discount if you book online!
  • I would recommend the ComboMax which is priced at $59 at this time of post since if you’re there, you MIGHT AS WELL TRY ALL.
  • If it’s your BIRTHDAY, you get to play everything for FREE!!! Also, you get a funky cap. The cap might be according to stock BUT THE FREE BIT IS STILL FREE. So it’s free for you… And well, make your friends pay for themselves as they trail and follow you along for an adventure.
  • If you did a super combo or combomax, you’d get an orange wristband and the NEXT time you go back, bring it and enjoy a buy one and get one free on any of the activities.


  • Check if you have minimum height needed and are under the maximum weight for the activities (it’s on the webby)
  • If you want to bring a camera along, make sure you have a lanyard or a carabiner with a twist screw to attach to your harness.
  • Wear proper shoes!
  • Wearing long sleeves and gloves are optional but you won’t get those rope burn marks if you rub against them.
  • Sunscreen is good since it’s very sunny!

So that’s it! Mind you, that’s the offers or discounts that I know of  at the time of this post. Sometimes if you check online group buying sites like Groupon and such might have deals.

If you ARE going on your birthday, Megazip isn’t the only place in Sentosa that gives you freebies, just so you know. You’ll have to find the others out yourself for that!

With that, I conclude that when your parents say “If your friends ask you to go jump off a building, would you jump too?”…

Well you can say yes this time.

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  1. Sarah,

    Thank you for coming down to MegaZip – and what a great blog post!

    We have a really easy peasy chart where you can see what the weight, height and age limits are at

    There’s also our latest discounts and special offers at – we’ve got some very special ones on at the moment. But you’re right – booking online is the best way to get a discount.

    Thanks again,

    Drew, MegaZip

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