Book signing and talk for An Irish Tour of Singapore

Hello everyone! There’s a book signing and talk for “An Irish Tour of Singapore“! If you like history and want to know more about the Irish here, check it out! Also, I’ve read this book before and it’s so definitely not like a boring history book. Go listen to the talk to see why!

Short details:

Location: Orchard Ion’s Prologue book store

Date and Time: 26 March 2011 (Saturday), 3pm

Yes! Also click the more cut underneath here to check out the dinosaur we helped decorate for this talk and book signing!

He was Mr Chippensaur to us since he only wore a black bowtie. NOW he is decorated in green and shamrocks and other things! St Patrick’s Day was last week you see and this talk is related to it in a way! Heh.

You can totally see him from a distance since everything else on that floor is all black or white for “poshness” or something at Ion.

Oh besides that, I thought this was interesting when I received it in my email:

Free Talk: Self Publishing

@ Imagination Room, L5, National Library bldg, 5 April 11, 7.00pm to 8.30pm

E-books, readers and other advancements in technology have forever changed the publishing landscape making it possible for all authors to publish their work. As a result, 76% of all books published are now produced by authors independent of a publishing house. Leigh K Cunningham, Executive Director of the Association of Independent Authors, will share all that you’d need to know to realise your publishing dream.

Admission is FREE. To register, email to with your name and contact number.

That looks interesting, I might go! See you guys there if you are!

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