SDS 1.9 – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This episode of Sarah Does Singapore is pretty action packed. In fact, this time there’s 10 co-stars plus 1 super special guest star!

The cast:

Guest starring: DUKE ORANGE!

When the day started, heh I figured what the title of the post would be considering the most of us are girls (except 4dpencil and Tiramisue’s brother). If you’re because of Dukey, his appearance is at the last bit of this post so you’d want to scroll there. For everyone else, the day started at Harbourfront MRT!

We got on the tram to Sentosa and kinda got lost in search for Victoria’s Secrets at the new Sentosa Resorts World area. There’s a huge Universal Studios globe there but unfortunately, the rides aren’t open yet so oh well. Anyway, after wandering for a bit, we found the information counter where the lady was dressed in a safari explorer uniform. If you look at the first pic, it’s past a set of escalators and then ANOTHER set of escalators, through the glass doors, to the left, past the casino and down.

We arrived 10 minutes before it opened at noon. Good grief. So we looked at the shop across it where they sold cosmetics and perfumes. Just a few minutes before opening, we stood in front looking at the flat screen TV that showed the runway models showcasing the line at VS and then a random middle aged man stood in front of us to stare at the screen too. It wasn’t a “Oh, this is interesting! A new shop!” kind of look, it was more of a pervy one instead and we just gave the =_= or face palm look at him.

The shop opened and hurray! Anyway, It’s only the girls for this part of the day, Tiramisue plus her brother came a bit later. The rest of us went in and checked out the goodies. It’s not very big and while they have the Pink line, they don’t have much range of lingerie of the bra type. Oh and there’s no changing room too. I hope they bring more stocks in the future since they just opened this recently.

Look awaaaay if you don’t like seeing girly underoos for the next three pictures.

Right, they have a few patterns for their paper bags depending on what size products you buy and oh, I have no idea if they’ve NETS or not since I didn’t see the machine for it. The lot of us pretty much paid with our credit cards or debit cards masquerading as credit cards since it has Mastercard on it. Anyway, after the VS bit, pitstop to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! Kentang Jambu said goodbye to us after that since we were going to the Megazip adventure next!

Switching cast! 4dpencil met us here since he wasn’t for the VS adventure. To those who read and remembered last year at the Megazip Adventure Park, yesssss…. Tiramisue and I went there before it opened officially. It’s much more complete now!

For one thing, yes you still should book online if you want to go for the complete adventure! Okay, quick stats. Get the combo and you’ll do 1 level of climbmax, parajump and Megazip! Truthfully, one level of climbing is enough indeed.

I paid all the stuff before that day so they expected us and gave us our tags. Meanwhile, they have a proper system about the bags now! You put your belongings in a big blue bag and then they’ll tie it up and send it down to the bottom landing area once you finish the Megazip at the end! This is much reassuring and you don’t have to go back up the hill to just get your stuff and all.

Also, this time there’s MORE sizes to the harness so no squishy times for me in this episode. Sadly, there’s no lanyard for cameras yet even though they state it on their website. FORTUNATELY, I have asked this of them and have packed a few screw type carabiners because the Adventure Crew are cam whorey.

The procedure this time is as such: Get your tags, put your belongings in the bag, get yourself weighed there (for the Megazip requirements, under 50kg = tandem, max 120kg = single, over 120kg and you shouldn’t be doing this for safety anyway) and write/sign your name with contact number just in case, onwards to be briefed and to wear your harness!

Okay, the 4 of us who had the Megazip voucher from when we won during the Hatpy Party had a different combo from uh those who took the regular combo. We paid for Climbmax which was actually 2 levels of fun and the parajump plus the free Megazip due to the vouchers. Not much diff except that we got to do an extra level of climbing.

It made me go “WHY AM I DOING THIS?” in the second time I was climbing though because I did level 2 +3. Level 2 is okay but as usual, level 3’s rope dangly things which you can see in the photo is evil. So yes, one level of climbing is enough. Also, it was a hot day. Stupidly, I skinned my finger at the dratted part with the ropes there because I was in a rush! A rush to complete the course and get on the Megazip where we would finish everything so I can go see DUKE ORANGE. I usually don’t get skinned for ROPE adventures so that was very silly.

Oh yes, before I did the climbing, unlike last time the parajump was not under maintanence so we got to do it! HUZZAH! (Not to mention we paid for it in advance anyway.)

The parajump was scary.

Fun but scary.

Hahahahaaha, okay it’s not as scary as Forest Adventure‘s last ending  which I won’t spoil you what it is exactly (I’ve done that at least twice and THAT one is very fun too) but the bit that’s scariest in parajump is not the landing, it’s the first step of getting off the platform and stepping into air. Once you just step off, it’s fun falling down to land safely below!

So it went like this for me: Parajump, the climbing and to end off things… THE MEGAZIP.

And then we all said goodbye to each other except for Joelyn and Tiramisue’s brother! We headed off to meet Avariel so we could get to… DUKE ORANGE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY!

More more on the Megazip, you can check Mintea’s and Joelyn’s take on it since it’s their first time there.

Dum di dooo, met Avariel at the Flirting Point in front of the Singapore Arts Museum and off  we searched for the office where Duke Orange worked at as a performing artist. Don’t know who Duke Orange is? Tsk, tsk. Read here to see 10 reasons why he’s famous!

His minion showed us in and told us where his grace was! (All those romance trashy books are very useful in knowing what nobility to call.) Le squee! And thus, we petted him.

And then we stopped petting because we got refreshments! There was orange pudding too, heh. It was all very orange themed. Mind you, we got to the party quite late but there were still a lot of people!

We got to see pictures of Duke when he was first adopted and other random facts including a list of what his name should be before settling for Duke Orange! For those who don’t know, I asked and apparently he’s three years old! That’s 34 years old after I used a cat year calculator… Ooh my, you’re older than me, Duke!

To those wondering, Duke’s blingy collar is a present from Paw Glam! They do pretty collars for kitties and doggies. Well, if you have a huge husky then, well, I don’t know.

And then we petted him some more. BWURHURHURHUR.

We each got a goodie bag too! Oh and I did remember there was a stray kitty fund donation thing going on during his party so I donated some money too! (This is essential to the epilogue for this post. Yes, this post actually has an epilogue.) Before we left the party, I took a video for Raven Silvers since she was in Taiwan and couldn’t come, so here it is!

Hurray! And then we left… And that’s the end of the day. A really packed Saturday it was.


On the following Monday, the minion of Duke Orange had counted and recounted the funds that was collected during the party! This was the result:

I waited since the announcement was going to be at 5pm and that’s when I usually left from work, heh heh. (I come in REALLY early though.) If you want to watch Duke, his channel is actually here. Okay! ANTICIPATION, MUCH! How much was it in total?

After minion kept showing the sub totals, like the collection jar, the envelope of late comers (which I put in), the polaroid collection money and some secret bid on Duke thing, THE TOTAL WAS $851! YAY! In the meantime, you can notice Duke being all casual there as the announcement was typed out.

And then, the end. OH REALLY?

Yes, the end. Duke gave a satisfied look and that was it, back to his usually scheduled performance.

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