The Ultimate MegaZip Adventure Park Hijinks

This is the ultimate MegaZip Adventure post since if you’ve remembered, I went there before it was officially opened and then just a bit after when it was open but still with troubleshooting (since you couldn’t see in that post back then, they were still fixing up the place), NOW it is finally completed and smooth sailing! For one thing, there are SIGNS! HUZZAH! No more searching for the weird looking lion or wondering if you got to a wrong turn. If you’re taking the tram or express train from Vivocity, drop at Imbiah station!

Ok, before I get to the main bulk of the post including VERY interesting details about the park and pricing, you can check my video out above to see what happens in my summary video! If you don’t want to read the details, just watch the video and skip to bottom with the red text to check the pricing! This time I got invited to check it out by 24Seven and since a LOT of people do ask me about the MegaZip, I said yes.

This is going to be the Ultimate post on it.

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And you can vote for N.E. Mation!

Yes, the other time I went to check them out was when they were still doing their productions. Now they are done. Voting is up for N.E. Mation 5! Just head on to to watch the 10 animated videos and vote for them! There are 3 ways to vote too. Via their website, their facebook and with your phone. Just head on to the facebook or website to find out how to vote using SMS too.

Anyway, you might win a prize for voting! The prizes include an ipad, an X-box 360 and an ixus Canon camera.

So go on and vote! What is le sad is that this time you won’t see the shorts on TV Mobile since TV MOBILE DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE!

I’ve watched it since it started out in the first year and now… Wow. Well, you can see it for yourself. You have to vote for three though! It’s a requirement so that students from the same school won’t spam all their votes to support their school without voting for others.

I won’t say which ones I’m voting for but good grief. Imagine all the effort the students went through to do them. I like to support those who did ton loads of stuff. Those who like to overkill and heck others. BWUAHAHAHAH.

Go forth and spread the link since the students SHOULD have their stuff viewed after all that effort in making them. It would be a shame if they didn’t since it’s now more online and not on TV mobile for people to watch. Well, the ad for it is on TV but not as much exposure as last time when on buses. In other words, super wasted right? Doing production for 3 weeks non stop and before that weeks of preparation to pitch and get through to be the finalists etc. It’s sooo freaking sad if they don’t get as many people to watch it as possible!

Right, so go and voteeee at! It ends on 6 February so be sure to do it now!

SDS 2.25 – Draw Me A Map

This wasn’t on a Saturday but instead a week night! I had been meaning to post this for quite a while, heh. You might remember me doing stop motion the other day and this time I got to see the student groups doing their animation! And… they had 3 weeks to do their production! Good grief.

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SDS 1.9 – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This episode of Sarah Does Singapore is pretty action packed. In fact, this time there’s 10 co-stars plus 1 super special guest star!

The cast:

Guest starring: DUKE ORANGE!

When the day started, heh I figured what the title of the post would be considering the most of us are girls (except 4dpencil and Tiramisue’s brother). If you’re because of Dukey, his appearance is at the last bit of this post so you’d want to scroll there. For everyone else, the day started at Harbourfront MRT!

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In which we shot a lot.

We're here!

The Singapore Discovery Centre! I went with some other bloggers and some of the Nanowrimo crew on last Saturday there. It was actually easy to get to the place since all we had to do was drop at the last stop of the western side of the green line aka Joo Koon. I always wanted to see what was at Joo Koon and now I know. Anyway, it was just a five or so minutes walk from the station to get there.

Here’s a teaser/trailer for this post. Heh.

So on we went!

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USBs, jewelry and the Blogger’s Lounge aka 247 Lounge


They’re selling these food USB at the school bookshop where I am at. Verily amused. There’s mini hamburgers, tarts and other food items too. AM tempted to get the sushi ones. Hmmm. They’re $29.90 and at 2GBs. I know it’s expensive for the size but it’s more for the shape of it.


Meanwhile, had a little class on jewelry manufacturing at JDMIS on Wednesday night. Never have I wanted more jewelry than then. I learnt how people made jewelry and oh man… If you want someone to give you a really expensive wedding ring of sorts. Ask for a good quality pave (I don’t have the special e with the stroke on top on this keyboard) since that would mean the ring would have to be hand made just for youuuu. Anyway hand manufactured jewelry = very very time consuming.


Onwards to the Blogger’s Lounge. It’s been renamed to 247 Lounge at the moment of this post though. You pronounce it as twenty-four, seven lounge. Heh. Not two four seven. It’s hosted by the 24 Seven people. Check their webby to know more about them or their blog.

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