Walking Dead… Live?

It's a bunch of zombies!

11 January 2014.

Lasalle College of the Arts.

It was one of the most unlikeliest of places to hold a freaking THE WALKING DEAD LIVE in Singapore.

Only via the geek grapevine that we knew about Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus appearing in Singapore and that was a little public event happening before the closed interview session.

Really, it was good because the location meant no extra kaypoh-ing aunties and uncles. It was also at a school that I used to hang out at (but not attended since there used to be a cafe there for ukulele jams) so I knew where it was.

By the way, the zombies above are 3rd year drama students! They can legit now say they performed with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus!

Heh heh, I hope they got a photo with the stars at the end since they were still performing while as zombies and couldn’t do selfies or whatnot with them.

Note: As usual, click on the pictures for a bigger version of them.

Yeaaah it's Andrew Lincoln!

So, they arrived around 11.30am in a London cab and everyone screamed. Adrian Pang was the host for the public event and also for the private interview session.

Oh yes, for the interviews, you can check these blogs out for the reports:

Here Be Geeks

Geek Crusade

Red Dot Diva (part 1), Red Dot Diva (part 2)


I didn’t get the invite for the private session so my side is the ~fangirl~ side cause I hung out with my friends.

Yess it really is Andrew

The others made lots of signs, LIKE LOTS OF SIGNS and Andrew and Norman noticed them! YAY!

It's Norman Reedus!

We screamed and everything, they high five-d all around which was really cool of them.

Yes a picture with Norman!

AND LOTS OF PICTURES. Selfies and they were so nice to oblige us with pictures.

Hammering away.

And then they did the little challenge which was why there was a set up like this on the lawn of Lasalle.

The layoutThe Walking DeadNerf guns

I took pictures of the set up after it all and this was how it looked like, what they had to do was shoot targets with Nerf guns and nerf crossbows and then smash the styrofoam zombie at the end to get a key and unlock the hostages.

Actual zombies?

At the end after it all, (Andrew won but Norman did the most AWESOME jump over the table bit at the end to get to the hostages) the barricades got down, well more like people pushed the little tape thingies down and got to the stars since it ended and they would then go down to the auditorium for the private session.

I like this shot since it looked like a zombie horde here.

This is just a little video of what happened. Click to view it on youtube itself if you want to cause I got it uploaded in HD.

SO YEAH. IT WAS EXCITING and FUN. They were cool and this was soooo good. Thanks to Starhub and Fox Movies Premium for bringing them in?!

I didn’t get a press release or media invite for it but I DO STILL WANNA THANK THEM for bringing them in ok. YEAH, good job you guys! And to the zombie students of Lasalle too!

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