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Huh, this is the first State of Sarah report for the year. Well there you go. I have a plan. Oh and before I start on what this year will be, LIKE my page here: http://facebook.com/seriouslysarahSG

Because you guys want to know what’s happening in Singapore or want to go events? Well, just like that page. I don’t post ALL my activities here, that would just be silly and spammy.

Firstly, this Saturday I’m going to La Salle to hopefully see The Walking Dead stars at 11am and then I’ll have a snack or something and go for the Run for Your Lives Asia since mine starts at 4pm.

That’s just this weekend.

Note, this post is going to be Singlish-y.

What I am up to is also…

Love Kuching Project

Well, I do now and then get to help out at Love Kuching Project. I didn’t get Dawn from them though, Dawn just self-rescued herself by shoving herself inside the house.

Hanging around

Ok lor.

Not all kitties can do this and some are abandoned or are hurt etc etc. You can adopt from Love Kuching and you can also see updates on their blogspot too. If not adopt kitties from there (MUST READ THE QUESTIONAIRE in the How to Adopt section on the sidebar, cannot anyhow give cat to random people after all), you can still contribute in their donation section since they do Trap, Neuter, Rescue or take care of sick kitties.

Just read their about page since this is my post and not a Love Kuching post, hahaha.

Oh yeah, what do I do there? I take pics and sometimes videos.

The best check out price.

And then, I’m going to the library for more events THAT ARE FREAKING FREE. They’re first come, first served so yeah check that golibrary page often.

I’m going to the Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle because it’s not easy to get there on their own with public transport but since there’s going to be a tour via NLB then wooooh, ok can.

The cajon workshop is what I want to know so that I can do it with my ukulele playing too, heh heh. MORE MUSIC.

Which also reminds me because I checked programmes happening at the library…

N.E.mation! 8

ON THE 18th JANUARY, come support my team, Momento Mori and The 4 of Us II at the National Library! I was looking through golibrary and saw an N.E.mation picnic was happening there.

It starts around 1pm at the plaza, you know the big space outside the central library?

If you wear best dressed (for a picnic??) you might win goodies too. I shall be there so COME. My teams are all girl animators. GO GIRL TEAMS!

Oh and you might see me guest blogging for two places, it’s like minor stuff but check out Naiise and GlassesOnline later in the month or so.

Maaan, I’ve already got my fitness things set, my volunteer (for fun since I like cats) thing, my arts thing and my blog things.


I didn’t forget my own book things by the way.

Singapore Writers Festival 2014’s theme is Prospect of Beauty.

Now, I’ve checked that in 2013, their ‘deadline’ for brand new books is Friday, 14 June 2013. Working backwards from that, I should have something more or less done by June which is kind of 5 months away.

SWF itself would be in November.

I am planning to self publish a book because local publishers probably won’t publish this and international ones are REALLY few for this.

It’s not something scandalous, it’s because it’s going to be a…


Yes. Most likely a very limited run or with just pre-orders only. E-book version will still be as extensive as a print version because it’s like programming a website with all the turn to page what if you want what.

An e-book version will have to turn to page what to what via clicking etc and THAT linking will be as time consuming as making a print version.

Work in progress title is Belles of the Ball. The tagline is: The Price of Beauty is Pain.

HOHOHOHOHOHOH. Ok, that’s it all I am saying for now until I am done with it or give snippets in the next post.

My timeline shall be:

  • Plotting the routes, Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3.
  • It will have multiple ends.
  • Writing the stories.
  • Planning the pages.
  • Layouting the pages.
  • Emailing about it when the SWF brand new books call when it appears.
  • Get an ISBN from the library?
  • Finish it up
  • Pre-orders when near the end
  • Illustration for cover
  • Quotes for printing limited run (since I don’t have that much moolah for mass printing)
  • Ask Kinokuniya and Books Actually because they’re nice and so they also can don’t say I never bo jio them.
  • Ebook version only out after everything?
  • OH WAIT, I could probably check NAC grants and this step should be above half this list but I doubt I can get that much moolah for self publishing a game book aka an interactive novel? If you’re from NAC, feel free to email/comment me.

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