Walking Dead… Live?

It's a bunch of zombies!

11 January 2014.

Lasalle College of the Arts.

It was one of the most unlikeliest of places to hold a freaking THE WALKING DEAD LIVE in Singapore.

Only via the geek grapevine that we knew about Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus appearing in Singapore and that was a little public event happening before the closed interview session.

Really, it was good because the location meant no extra kaypoh-ing aunties and uncles. It was also at a school that I used to hang out at (but not attended since there used to be a cafe there for ukulele jams) so I knew where it was.

By the way, the zombies above are 3rd year drama students! They can legit now say they performed with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus!

Heh heh, I hope they got a photo with the stars at the end since they were still performing while as zombies and couldn’t do selfies or whatnot with them.

Note: As usual, click on the pictures for a bigger version of them.

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Prepare to race the dead…?

Race pack collection!

Was busy on Saturday and no adventures… Well sort of. I did do stuff. Instead here, on Sunday I collected my Race the Dead pack. I wanted to pick it up on Saturday evening but good grief, the queue was long.

It was so much faster to pick up on Sunday morning so I guess they managed to streamline things?

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NANOWRIMO kick off 2013!

Click to enlargen the poster! Or you can download it here. The Nanowrimo Kick-Off party will be at the possibility room (level 5) of the central library on the 26th October! Don’t forget to actually sign up in the main Nanowrimo website though. The RSVP thread will be out in October.

What do we do at kick-offs? We have intro to Nano, quizzes, fun and stickers.

If you don’t know how to get to the fifth floor of the central library. You can take a lift, that’s just a video of me taking the escalator and trying to get up there as fast as possible. Starts at 6pm to 8pm but generally for those who have been to the parties know the ‘main’ part of it ends around 7pm and the rest is the major mingling and cake time.

And if you’re not Nanowrimo-ing… JOIN THE ZOMBIE WALK!


It’s on the same day but different time! REGISTER here.


  • 7.30pm – Party at our Undead Festival:  Back for Seconds. There will be rock music performances, prizes and Wii games for participants to enjoy.
  • 9.oopm – The 2nd Singapore Zombie Walk begins

Venue: The Cathay at 2 Handy Road

Attire: Zombie Attire

Admission Fee: Free! Though we are asking all participants to bring at least 2 canned foods or non-perishable food items in support of the walk’s charity:  Food Bank Singapore

Get more info on their registraion page!

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SDS 2.22 – Dig A Little Deeper

As we signed the indemnity forms, I realize that if we were to accidentally activate zombies, mummies or strange portals, it wouldn’t be the archaeologist’s fault and we’d have to FIGHT TO SURVIVE!

Or something like that.

However, there were no zombies, mummies or strange portals… In this episode of ARCHAEOLOGICAL ADVENTURE! Wooo. It’s still fun nonetheless.

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SDS 1.21 – Thriller

And thus, when faced with zombies, bring a camera along. Avariel, Mintea were with me and later on we were joined by Miss Hallelujah and her friend Thurisaz83! For those who don’t know. THE GREAT BIG ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is an independent zombie movie done by people who wanted to do one! You can check more on their website about it. For now, we went to check out their zombie flashmob that was happening on a Saturday!

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (now in Singapore!)


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is available in Singapore! Yay! It released on 1st April in the US and I had been looking out if there were any yet here. Kinokuniya had it few days later and on the 4th, I GOT MY COPY! I was informed of it via twitter that it was spotted near the cashier and new books! Hurray! At the moment of this post, I don’t know if Borders has stocked them up yet.

And yes, I actually went to get a picture of it with the Merlion in the background just to show it’s here, cause hey, it is a landmark!

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