Mentor Access Project applications (update with forms!)

Hey remember my post about the MAP earlier on and that you had to email to ask for the latest application form? I emailed and since I’m sure it might get spammy or anything to them, I’ve decided to upload it so you guys can have it too.

Oddly, I can’t find the announcement of MAP on the NAC site. I got the first info via my sgarts email so it was posted by someone who had the “official” statement and all. How weird. I must have missed the webpage or something.

Oh yeah, since I was interested in plays, I asked to clarify regarding the “one play” in their requirements for the people to peruse. Apparently it can be any length as long as it shows how you write and all. So a ten minute or a sixty minute one etc is pretty fine. Of course, any further questions just email them at .

Meanwhile the summarized info:

  • Mentorship is 18 months (from July 2009 till December 2010)
  • Have a meeting with the mentor at least once within 2 months and communicate via email etc
  • Progress reports from mentee every 6 months
  • If accepted, admin fee is $300 ($150 if student/NSF or senior citizen)
  • CLOSING DATE: 15 May 2009

I hope I can get the discount since I’m still considered a student… until August when I graduate (I hope!).

So anywho, a disclaimer. I am NOT an official from the organizers. I merely emailed them for the forms like stated in the info so the forms I got is correct from this moment of 24th March 2009.

On that note, in the guidelines, I think they forgot to change the date in the programme section from 2008 to 2009 where it says “tea” and all that since the other bits in the document has been updated to 2009. The application form however is okay.

MAP course guideline

MAP application form 2009

There you go!

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