Levi’s shoe box design competition


I chanced upon this poster about the Levi’s shoe box design competition. Let’s have a close up look, shall we?


Everyone can apply! Deadline is 21 April 2009. You can collect the boxes at Levi’s Raffles City/ The Heeren Shops/ Vivocity. I went to get mine at Raffles City. By the way, you got to get ready $5 to get the box and forms. However, it’s refundable ONCE you submit your entry before the deadline. So I handed over the dosh and got this.


A shoe box.

Oh and it’s ONE designer per box. Meaning, you can’t design two boxes or more. You just got one chance and that’s it. NO MORE. Submissions are via email. Well, you need to submit the entry form and pictures of your shoe box via email so make sure you’ve got a digital camera and internet connection at the very least.

They’ll then contact you if you’re in the top 10 and then it’s time for people to vote for your design and stuff at Vivocity. Audience votes counts 20% of the total score.

So here’s just a summary of the stuff you need to know:

  • $5 (refundable only if submitted on time) fee for the shoe box and official entry form
  • Get them at Levi’s Raffles City, The Heeren or Vivocity
  • One person per entry
  • Short write up of concept and inspiration of work (no more than 100 words)
  • Deadline 21 April 2009, 9pm
  • Email entry form plus photos of your box from the top, side (width) and side (length)
  • Inquiries to levis @ jaygee.com.sg

Yeah, if you enter, you’ll receive the forms with the exact terms and conditions etc etc but that’s basically it anywho.

Oh yeah, THE PRIZES.

1st Prize – 2 return air tickets to Tokyo

2nd Prize – $500 Levi’s voucher

3rd Prize – $300 Levi’s voucher

Luck to those participating and all!

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