Book launch on the 27th April at The Arts House


Firstly there’s a book launch at the Earshot Cafe at The Arts House on the 27th of April, 7.30pm.

What’s the book about? Let me copy paste from the mailer I got.

The Long Walk Home by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar.

Set against the backdrop of twentieth-century India, The Long Walk Home illuminates history – partition, two Indo-Pak wars, and the rise of religious fundamentalism – through the life of one man. A story of faith and fundamentalism, misguided passions and accidental heroism, it is woven through a narrative of love, murder, vendetta, and greed. As the protagonist nears the end of his life, he wonders: will there be a chance for redemption?

You can visit to know more about the writer!

Meanwhile, these are one of the events leading up to the main Singapore Writers’ Festival and there will be more authors and such having talks and appearances as we charge onwards towards October. I’ll be double checking the dates since some of them are due to changes and all anywho.

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