Peranakan Museum first anniversary celebration!

Okay, I got this info cause my friend is working in the museums here. If you haven’t been to the Peranakan museum yet, you should try to go on the 25th or 26th April 2009! Special admission on that day is $2 instead of $8 and ooooh, there’s a lot happening on that weekend.


And oooh free bibik notebooks or ice cream with a ticket purchase, while stocks last!

Exact programmes, check it out here on their website at .

Highlights include the cast of the Little Nonya. Well, Jeanette Aw and Pierre Png on Sunday, dances, craftwork, pasar malams! Bands, fashion shows and meet and greets with the author (Adeline Foo) and artist (Lee Kowling) of Puteh, a children’s book series!

I haven’t gotten the chance to read those, maybe one day when I’m at the Earshot Cafe and looking at books to give it a flip through since I don’t generally buy children’s books nowadays. It looks cute and fun though!

And oooooh looks like there’s a cooking demonstration on Sunday while on Saturday, there’s a food and craft fair! In any case, check it out if you’ve been curious about the Peranakan Museum and what it has inside!

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