Meanwhile, a little prelude… Plus Script Frenzy

There’s posties for May but I’ll actually post them when it’s May (duh). For now, what have I been doing?

Hohoho! I’ve been on production! A sci-fi based… Okay, it’s actually a Jedi/Sith music video of sorts. You can read them here:

Production Day 1

Production Day 2

And a really work in progress preview trailer since people have been curious what we had been doing. Sheesh, people! Be patient! We didn’t even get the time to have the special effects composited and all yet! Effects will be overseen by 4Dpencil and yes, I know you’re probably going what the heck at the techno music. That’s not the real music for the final piece.

On that note, Script Frenzians of Singapore, if you want to go to the mini wrap up party… Or more like a tea party, details are here:

Date: May 2, Saturday
Time: 2:30pm onwards
Location: Geek Terminal, 55 Market Street

Find RAVEN SILVERS. I’m on shoot that day (a different production). For those curious what production it is, it’s for the 48 hour competition. Yeah, I did it with my friends last year for Saving Uranus.

Lastly, I’m HOPING to revamp my website before the end of May. I actually have the stuff done except for the misc and portfolio pages. We’ll see then. But mostly, everyone just goes to this blog, non?

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