The Young Immortals by James Lee


Huh, I saw this when I was at Popular bookstore. The Young Immortals by James Lee. Yes, the guy that brought you Mister Midnight. The one on the left is a notebook by the way. Apparently you get a free notebook if you buy the book within this period (while stocks last)!


It’s pretty thin so you can finish it in a day. I was half way through it yesterday when I was waiting for my pizza to be cooked. It’s $8.88 at Popular, what a nice number.

Blurb goes like this:

Jeffrey Hunter, Train Tang and the Celtic Princess Tamaryn are chosen to defy death and become The Young Immortals. After learning the arts of Immortal warfare, their guru sends them on a dangerous mission with Lord Indra, the greatest of all Immortal Warriors. They hunt down Kra, their relentless enemy, on a chase that takes them through two thousand years. Kra lets loose the Immortal Secrets of Destruction, triggering chaos and suffering. Can the warriors stop Kra before he unleashes the final devastating secret?

I don’t know, maybe it’s cause the target audience is young’uns or something but I found the starting a bit droll. As in it’s droller than the Mister Midnight series and I enjoyed that. (No, I don’t buy every issue. I used to read years ago when it first came out. Plus, my brother entered the ‘competition’ back then so one of the book’s story starting was by him.)


Funky notebook! Well, I admit, the cover attracted me. It’s pretty “spiritual” and philosophical and all when I read it. I don’t know if it’s going to be that predictable but hmmm I can see some kind of betrayal thingy going on but hey! I haven’t finished reading it. Maybe the other half of it during lunch time or when I’m going home from work later. In any case…


Dates from Flame of the Forest. You can meet the author at these dates and location! Hmmm, not my sort of fantasy but perhaps the kids will like it indeed.

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  1. One thing about Flame of the Forest is that they really do go out and promote books. Unlike other unmentionable publishers.

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