Ghostly Pursuits Part 1 of 2

Have a random story! Actually this was a submission for an online magazine but alas! It wasn’t what they’re looking for. I decided to post it up here instead. It was a last minute written thing so meh. I split the submission into 2 parts.

Maybe I’ll add another part since the ending for the whole story was actually pretty rushed.

Have part 1 of 2 (or 3?). It’s not that woah as my usual stuff since I wrote it in a slightly emergency manner? I had no idea what I wanted to call it so I went with the cheesiest title in mind when I submitted it.  It’s in 1st POV so HAH. It started out as 3rd but I did a replace/find to turn it into 1st to beat the deadline since I write faster in that. In any case, here!

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