SDS 1.17 – In the Sun

After threatening rain from the previous few days, we decided to heck it and just get on with the picnic. This time, the weather didn’t cheat our feelings. Yessss. Picnickers included: Raven Silvers, Mintea, Joelyn Alexandra and Avariel. Thus, we headed off to the Marina Barrage! Considering there’s still construction going on, we couldn’t just walk there from the Marina Bay MRT station and had to take a bus.

You have to walk a bit to find the bus stop though.

The bus (either the shuttle bus or the normal SBS one) will stop near the entrance of the barrage. You’ll see water features there if you couldn’t tell it was the Marina Barrage already.

And you had to walk in some more. It’s a wide open space and somehow on that day, there was some sort of school children event happening.

There’s a male version on the other side carrying something but I liked this female sculpture cause it looked like she was in motion, swinging the globe away.

We finally chose a spot under the shade yet far away enough from the water where the children were playing in.

Hohoho, ok in the end we brought too much food? That’s just one part for our agenda of the day. Our second was to go kiting! That’s why we needed a non-rainy day without lightning!

As we went up, we saw this and went all “What the…ship?”. There was going to be some family day with movies at as a theme the next day or so according to the preparations and posters around the place.

We made it up the spiral ramp thing to get to the top of the Marina Barrage. You’re only allowed to kite up there it seems. Make sure you wear lots of sunblock or have a huge floppy hat or something. It’s very sunny and hot there. My thermometer on my bag said it went around 30 degrees Celsius up there.

Even though it was hot, it was really windy so that was good. There’s a shop selling kites by the ramp too. Mintea and Raven bought the cheapest one there ($13) because their own plastic kites somewhat ripped/broke. The ones they got were cloth ones with sturdy lines. I used mine from the time I went to International Kite Day.

We didn’t spend TOO much time up there. It was freaking hot. Since we were at the barrage, we went to the exhibit area. You can get a tour but that costs money, I think. Anyway it was more about how they filtered the water and also how we must save nature etc, etc.

Mostly, we enjoyed the air conditioner inside there.

There was also a miniature demonstration of how the barrage worked! We were muchly amused by this… I’m sure you could tell from the audio.

It was pretty fun inside there, besides learning more about water and nature around Singapore, there were interactive things to touch and play around with. We got an e-postcard sent to ourselves from there. There’s a green screen background thing and you click to take a picture where you can choose the background to be the Marina Barrage.


I know it’s a bit redundant when we took pictures at the actual barrage and could get a better version but still, it was fun.

We got out of there to exit from a secret passage way that opened up into a cafe. Good use of marketing, I think? Oh yes, you can buy tiny plushies or souvenirs of the mascot! I can’t remember his name but he’s a happy water droplet that doesn’t want you to waste water!

And that was the end of the picnic/kiting adventure.

Finally, we managed to strike picnic off the list with the unpredictable weather we were having lately!

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