Make your own popular supernatural romance!

The lovely crew that I usually go adventures with have a tendency to gravitate towards bookstores. This is not a tragedy for I gravitate to such places of literature too. However, as we made our rounds through Kinokuniya, such hilarity occurred for in the young adult section had an influx of a certain type of book. Thus, I have made a so called “generator” of sorts below for youto make your own popular supernatural romance!

The instructions.

  • Open up Word, notepad or whatever text editor you have, copy paste the below EXACTLY as it is. Do not press the more cut yet. Replace the words below and do not write in any numericals. Spell them out if you please.
  • Once done, click the more cut and copy paste the text into your text editor. Do not read it, go back to the top and use ctrl+F or apple+F (if you’re on a mac) and replace the words. For example, copy the symbol @ without the bracket and use the replace all function with the noun you have written down.
  • If you have done this correctly, bravo! The words should have been replaced in the correct positions.

1) Name of lead character

2) Age

3) Relative

4) Number

5) Noun

6) Noun

7) Adjective

8 ) Emotion (past tense)

9) Noun

@) Noun

#) Object

$) Colour

%) Adjective

^) Animal

&) Noise (past tense)

*) Adjective

+) Noun

-) Name of the other lead character.

Chapter I

My name is 1. I had never imagined that when I reached 2 that my 3 would appear after being absent for 4 years in the distant land of 5. It was very disconcerting as my 3 had suddenly stepped out of my 6.

“3 , is it truly you? What are you doing here? I thought you were dead!” I said with crystalline teardrops rolling down my 7 cheeks.

My 3 hurried close to me looking rather 8.

“I’m sorry my little 9, I had to go to keep your existence a secret,” said my 3.

“What ever could you mean? I’m just an ordinary 9”, I said.

“No! You’re not just an ordinary 9! You’re a @, 1. A truly special @. I’m here to warn you before I need to leave you once more!” said my 3.

“Warn me of what? You’ve been here for mere moments! Moments! Do not leave me 3!” I cried, clutching my #.

My $ % ^ & as it slinked close to my 3. I looked down at my feet and wiped away my tears with the back of my hand.

“I’m sorry 9, I’m here to just tell you to beware of the * +. Never look into the +’s eyes! I must go now. I’m proud of you 1,” said my 3 before disappearing back into the 6.

I stared at the 6. Deep in my heart I knew what my 3 had said was true.

I was a @.

Chapter XI

The + was gorgeous and oh so hot. I couldn’t remove my hands of -‘s body. The + was irresistible. I had fallen in love with my enemy. Even with all of my 3’s warnings, I couldn’t help it!

“1, we mustn’t do this. I’m too dangerous for you,” said -, looking deep into my eyes.

“Our love will overcome all! I believe it so,” I whispered.

– looked away and back to me before giving me a chaste kiss on my forehead.

“I must leave before I hurt you. Good bye 1,” said – and pushed me away.

– faded away into the darkness leaving me with nothing but my broken heart.

I screamed into the night sinking to my knees.

Chapter XXV

I ran with my # in hand. It was the one item that would bring back -‘s memories of me. The wind blew through my hair as I made my way through the darkness to find -. I gasped when I stopped before the clearing.

– was in the middle of it, floating above the ground and looking menacing.

“You! You should not be here @!” roared -.

I stood my ground and held up my #.

“No! I love you -! You may be the * + and indeed that I am a @ but we belong together! Together we can save the world!” I screamed and threw my # into -‘s face.

– yelled in pain as if the pain of having a # smacked into the face was the pain of a million dying souls. My ^ streaked past the other minor + into my arms as I witness the spectacle. Everyone else screamed along with him.

What had I done?

Chapter XXXIV

“1, I love you!” cried -.

“-, I love you too!” I sobbed.

There would be finally peace between the other + and @s for there was peace within our hearts.

It would have what my 3 wanted for the both of us.


Feel free to comment with what you have made up below! Also, clearly it’s not a full novel so you’ll have to fill in the rest of the pages and chapters up but hey, you’ve got the key points in already!

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