Submission call for Steampunk short stories!

Hello everyone! Remember Happiness at the End of the World? If you don’t, it’s the science fiction anthology we came out with next year. This time we’re opening submissions for steampunk short stories!

Here’s the short details:

Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy (an imprint of Two Trees) and The Happy Smiley Writers Group are calling for submissions for the second in their sci-fi short story anthology series. Following on the success of their first anthology, Happiness at the end of the World, Happy Smiley and Friends are going Steampunk.

Steampunk Short Story Guidelines:
1) Theme is science fiction steampunk with a happy ending.
2) Word length between 2000 and a firm 6000 words.
3) Deadline for submissions is 31st October.
4) Open to any age, any nationality but must be resident in Singapore. (Singaporeans studying overseas are eligible.)
5) Mail submissions to
6) For more details go to

Right. Check out the website link and make sure you conform to the style guide! It’s for us to edit things easier if your story gets accepted into the anthology. Not sure what steampunk is? Well, go wiki it or check out steampunk fashion sites. Or you know, read some steampunk stories! I like Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series.

Oh yes, people have been asking does it have to be set in Singapore? No. What you do have to have is a non-depressive or happy ending!

Obviously it has to be a steampunk short story too since that’s the anthology name.

Anywho, go forth and check out the main details!

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