SDS 3.4 – Rolling in the Deep

It had rained earlier in the day but it had stopped around noon. The crew and I were to meet at Velocity! The mall at Novena for the Velocity Urban Attack challenge. Well, they weren’t doing it but I was! Since I was early, I went up and checked out the course from the upper floors of the mall, hence the raindrops on the window.

This is how it looks like as I waited for the rest to arrive.

The staff were drying the equipment with a towel in the meantime! The sun was shining brightly and things were getting pretty hot by the time all the contestants had to be there to register and sign their indemnity forms and all. A lot of them were fit looking types, firemen, civil defence, army people etc and I was like, “What, what”. NOTICE HOW THE STAFF WAS DRYING THE ROLLERS. He could do it without falling at all. This is an important fact to remember later.

Later is just a few paragraphs away anyway.

So anyway, I got my number. It’s W011. I was going “Hmmmm” for I’ve read their facebook than no woman had yet to complete the course in the previous week and that… my started with a 1. Meanwhile, people were starting to sit around the stairs in front of the obstacle course! The crew was there with their drinks and snacks too so gee. Ok.

The briefing! It was interesting, as usual you can listen to our commentary. Basically the organizer said what was ok to do and the safety stuff of keeping your helmet on and where to exit if you fell into the water.

Yes, if you didn’t notice by now, if you fell off the obstacles, you’d get into the water.

After the briefing, woooh, the first five was up! They had to harness up and yes, you can tell they are soooo fit.

So, so fit.

The first guy fell into the water at the rotating helicopter bars but the second made it through! Everyone was cheering on, keeping their eyes open not to miss a moment when a contestant went on the obstacle course. It is after all, exciting! AND HECK OF COURSE IT IS, hohohoh since this is all real life and everyone went on it OR FALL INTO THE DEPTHS OF…


Hurray. Hurray. He was the first to complete for the day. It went on for a few more batches of guys and teams and then it was my turn. The batches weren’t really a long of a wait anyway from what you can guess happened with the other contestants.  Remember my tag? W011? ARRRGH, so I was the first female contestant of the day. I KNEWWWWW IT.

I would like to say that this is one of the fastest adventures we have had and so… Well, just watch the video below as I attempt it.


WELL THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT YEAR! A note for those who did fall, they could actually redo it at the end of the day or another time since the last day is the 25th June (since the finals, I’d think is 26th). Yeah. Right as if I’m doing it again.

NEXT YEAR, yes. I shall do next year.

Oh yeah! As I dried myself out (somewhat) in the next batch was actually a contestant who didn’t know he was going to do the Urban Velocity Attack! HAHAHAH, he was brought on by his brothers as a bachelor party since he was to be married in the following week. His fiancee was there too and they were going to show the video at the wedding dinner.

The first time he fell down at the rollers but since this was a special moment, hur hur the organizers and the groom’s brothers and everyone there cheered him on as they told him that he could do it again. The second time he plunged into the water at the cargo nets area. Heh, heh.

So that’s it for this adventure! You can actually still catch this at Novena’s Velocity mall. It’s on every weekend until the 25th June and then the 26th when the finals are! But yes, next year. NEXT YEAAAR I shall make it through somehow!

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