N.E.mation – The Briefing! aka Ration Packs are Unloved

This is the start of N.E.mation! Well, the start of my series with the latest theme, NS: From Fathers to Sons.

For this period of time, you’ll be able to see my picture on the right above Latest Topics. See that? Yeah! Vote for me, Seriously Sarah, to be the ambassador of N.E.mation (you got to like the actual page for it first). It’ll be until past November till we know who wins since during that period of time, the student groups will be doing their productions for their final animation in this competition.

What’s N.E.mation? It’s a national education animation competition for students here! Don’t know what is going on? No worries since this is “day 1” of learning what it is about for 100 teams of students that managed to get into the first round.

This was in Nanyang Polytechnic, theare of the Arts. Considering 100 teams of students would be quite a fit inside the theatre room, the day was split into 2 sessions of 50 each. They had to come with their teachers at around 8.30am, I had to be there only at 10am. Ha ha ha haaaa.

Before I arrived, the teams had their official pictures taken by the photographer. Kinda like America’s Next Top Model or any reality show, those who don’t make it, their pictures fade away… But since this isn’t a reality show, there’s a lack of fading and more of removing it manually with your hand, I guess.

I got in when Mr Srinivas Bhakta, an animation lecturer from NP, showed various animation styles, techniques and ways to tell a story by showcasing some animated short films. Basically he said:

Most important thing is,

To tell a new story (your view)

and create



With whatever little skill you have.


Those aren’t my words since it is from his presentation slide. So yes, just show your story in your own voice!

The next bit was learning how to present by Chi Pin Lay of OURF Consultancy LLP. She’s formerly a teacher and now she’s teaching people how to present! The students only had this day to learn all they could to make sure their pitches would be awesome enough to get through the next round so this was very important. A bad presentation would be sad if the idea for the animation would have been fun.

She started off by asking the students to throw a piece of paper.

Into a box.

You need a goal instead of going everywhere which was the point of her presentation! To find the focus of the subject the students will be presenting.

Then it was break time! Everyone was going all “I need… food. Help… me”. Ok, maybe not BUT IT WOULD FIT if they said that since we received combat rations!

They were given combat rations on account of the whole theme was National Service: From Father to Son. Thus, they got to try out some stuff the soldiers eat. There was  really sweet blueberry and apple bar, chocolate biscuits and a combat ration pack of honey and barley dessert.

Everyone seems to go “Nooooooo” at it. I tried it and it is rather delicious! The presentation might not look nice but really, it’s honey and barley, like a soupy dessert.

All of it was super sweet though, probably laden with calories since these are used by soldiers who need the energy to carry their heavy backpacks and go marching through obstacles and up hills.

Back to learning about presentations. Considering they had Saturday to just brush up and then Wednesday for the animation workshops only for the top 20?! You can tell that things happen quickly and that’s why it’s all exciting and scary for the participants.

Meanwhile, I know what’s K.I.S.S which means keep it short and simple, I never did learn about K.I.L.L which is keep it large and legible before! That’s for visual presentation so that everyone can see what you’re showing of course.

Anywho, they had time to practice with each other. They had to if they wanted to be good enough to show their stuff.

So nearly the end of the first session and teams volunteered to come up to the front to do a mini presentation on some topics that were shown on screen. Simple topics about beauty, education etc. They all each received a limited edition Home DVD and book too!

Lastly, before they students had to go, the guys of  Every Singaporean Son had a little question and answer session. After all, the theme is about national service, what better way then to ask those who have gone through it?

That’s it for Saturday. The next post will be on Thursday. Oh, for this period of time, I’m placing all the N.E.mation posts in its own category! You can see it on the left should you ever want to see all of the posts together.

Also, don’t forget to vote for me! If I get in the top three, I’ll get a DSLR and if I’m the ambassador, I get to go to Dreamworks to accompany the winners of this competition! Really, you’ll get Sarah Does Dreamworks if I do get in.

Ps. You can read more on their official blog page too!

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