SDS 3.17 – Waiting for the End

There was a lot of queuing for that week of 3 September.

H&M had a freaking long queue that spanned the streets of Somerset since they just opened a branch in Singapore. While the people were stuck in line, McD’s were being totally awesome in having promoters and witty sandwichboards.

Has the Adventure Crew gone fashionable like woah suddenly?

No. No we did not.

We were going off to another destination but passed by the immense queue. I’m not even sure why some uncles and aunties were queuing up when it didn’t look like what they’d want to buy. In the other side of town, or City Hall, there was also Comex, the IT fair.

We didn’t go to that one either.

Nonetheless, what we did queue up for was this…

The Borders sale at the other end of Singapore! It was at Expo hall 4b. Also, we went on the second day of the sale.

The hall was full of people sifting through stacks and the Adventure Crew went “Ahhhh, ahhh!” as we entered the hall and then making a break for it so that we could all search for our own books in the different sections.

No, the train station wasn’t in the expo hall. I took that picture of the Borders bag when we were out of there. Anyway you can see besides books they did bring in all the odd items that had been in stock at Wheelock. There were more than a few disembodied hands that were used as paper weights or something too.

I managed to get my fiction books since it was all sectioned in alphabetical order!

Now, what’s up with this sale? This is due to the closure of the Wheelock branch. After this, there’s only the Borders at Parkway Parade. We decided we should support the sale since it’s books and really. There had been so many events at the Borders at Wheelock including all the Harry Potter release parties that it is so sad that it’s closed down now.

So this is goodbye to Wheelock Borders in a way.

Even though the queue was long, circling around the perimeter of the hall, it was pretty fast! From what I learned of my friends that went on the first day, they had to queue for at least three hours!

There were empty boxes available for people who had a lot of books or items they wanted to buy. Past a plastic fence, there were still more boxes wrapped up with dates on them. From what I heard on the first day, there wasn’t a fence to separate people from those wrapped boxes. People climbed them like some tower and ripped them apart to get the books inside even if the main floor had books.

The first day was pretty chaotic.

I took only twenty five minutes to get to the cashier. From there, the ones that I handed over my goodies had taken to singing to me. I think they had quite a shift so yeah. My purchases were scanned and sung out and wooh, I bid them good bye and convened with the rest so that we could get out of there!

$137.85 for Avariel since she bought space stuff like planets, $70.17 for Raven and $52.30 for me!

Goodbye Wheelock Borders! There’s still the Parkway one…

For now.

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