The STGCC 2012 Survival Guide!

This year, the Singapore Toy, Games & Comics Convention will be held at Marina Bay Sands! It’s a whole different game from last year when it was at Suntec. The Sands Expo & Convention Centre will be quite a new place for a lot of us visiting. I’ve not much pictures but here’s a written guide for you.


1) Via MRT: Drop at Bayfront MRT and just follow the exit signs towards the convention centre

2) Buses are: 97/97E, 106, 133, 502/502A, 518/518A, NR1 (Available on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays), and NR6 (Available on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays). When you’re getting on the bridge and going up towards MBS, you’ll press the bell when you’re about to reach the Bayfront MRT station.

You will WALK a lot. Either way, the bus stops and station will be at opposite ends of Marina Bay Sands. The convention halls are in the “middle”. Ok, its not THAT much walking but just be prepared to go up/down the escalators to get to the floor with the convention halls. Or just follow people in costumes.


ATMs are easily found at MBS but note that for POSB/DBS it will be those machines that only have $50 notes.

  1. Stock up on small notes because not all the artist alley people are cash machines. TRY TO PAY EXACT cause the artists are the stalls don’t have that much change if you become a douchecanoe and decide to give big notes for cheap items. I quote myself from the previous year’s guides. “They’re not the freaking bank so be nice to the sellers ok? STGCC might be the first time they’re selling their own artwork so if you’re having a fun time, let them have a fun time too.”
  2. If you’re going for both days, use day 1 to scout the prices of the items and buy everything on day 2 if the item you want isn’t limited edition/easily sold out.
  3. REALLY, do NOT become a douchecanoe. Only established “big” stores will have NETs/Creditcard machines.
  4. Remember your budget.


Marina Bay Sands is full of fancy restaurants with super fancy prices. Even their foodcourt is expensive. The prices ranges around $6 upwards for simple food and really, even drinks like canned ones are expensive. Here are some tips:

  1. You can have a fifteen or so minute walk from MBS to Marina Square and eat at the food court there instead. Prices are much cheaper and in the same building, there would be fast food restaurants too. Bring an umbrella just in case since you’ll have to cross the Helix bridge to get to Marina Square.
  2. The 7-11 at the MRT station would be a good place to stock up on sandwiches or candy.
  3. There is a Coldstorage at the basement of MBS, you can get more food or drinks there at market prices.
  4. Pack at least a large bottle of water with you, candies, mints or trailmix.

My crew and I are going to have a mini picnic by buying food items from the supermarket and then eat outside somewhere we won’t block entrances or pathways. That’s one way of saving monies and having lunch there.


  1. The convention hall toilets are big and there are a lot of cubicles. Do not go to the ones not at the convention hall since there are few cubicles in each toilet. You’ll annoy other people there if you do this for costume changing.
  2. DO NOT WASH HAIRSPRAY DYE/ETC AT THE TOILETS THERE AND CLOG IT UP. Non-newbies know not to do this for ALL cosplay events but this is always a good reminder to know.
  3. For photographers, always ask before you take pictures. If people say no, do not take their picture. Just don’t.
  4. For EVERYONE, do not anyhow glomp/hug/whatever a person even if they are in the same fandom as you without permission. IT PISSES A LOT OF PEOPLE OFF AND YOU WILL BE DEEMED A JERK and multiple cryptic posts will be about you before someone reveals your nickname or a photo of you and thus you will be shunned forever more.
  5. OH YEAH REMEMBER TO PACK YOUR CAMERAS. Charge your batteries, empty your memory cards for the day!

Don’t forget to have fun, talk to people! Be nice to everyone and do not be rude. Bring coscards or your own business cards! You never know who you will meet and any items you want autographed by the guests.

See you guys this coming weekend!

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