Dragon, wake up!

We’re helping to wake the Dragon up in 2013. You can know more about it on their wordpress here or their Facebook. Once there were at least 20 Dragon Kilns in Singapore, now there are two. And this one will be gone so we’re going to wake the Dragon up before it leaves us forever…

At the moment there are still workshops for YOU (no experience needed) to contribute to this project since they want at least 3000 pieces to fill the dragon and to fire it up. You can even have a private session, as long as you contact them with a small group of friends or people interested to do it with you.

AND THUS, The Adventure Crew managed to get into the slot at the National Museum of Singapore on Saturday afternoon. It’s $15 per person or $25 for adult with child, just check which workshop you want to attend since it might have different prices for different locations if they have drinks provided etc etc.

This is James, he’s our instructor for this session and he told us more about the dragon kiln’s history and how it works. You can read it on their website but talking to those who have gone to the kiln,they would have more information about it with their experience.

We used terracotta and Singapore clay to symbolize that yes, we DO have Singapore clay and it can be used for our pieces. James taught us the pinch method and that if you do not put holes or do your piece properly to let out air pressure, it might explode and destroy other pieces in the kiln. We don’t want that!

Max did these with his clay! Adventure Time! Meanwhile, the dragon kiln is at least 42 metres long and 2 metres wide. Imagine an action movie where you’re in the dragon while the fire is getting ignited. FWOOSH. Also, super dangerous so no. But see the artisans of the kiln will help pack all the contributions properly so that heat is distributed evenly to every piece.

This is my piece. I’ll get it back in May but meanwhile, I can go to the firing or the various exhibits next year by the Dragon Kiln with everyone’s pieces!

So come, join one of the sessions, have your own session! Anything, just contribute to the dragon kiln with your art piece like an offering for it to eat before it disappears.

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