Get up and go… to a McD’s

Food blogging!

THIS is a semi advertorial food blogging post. Because I got to try McDonald’s new breakfast items via the people. Semi advertorial because I wanted to try it in the first place but then since I got the chance to be invited, OOH OK-LOR!

Ok. Those are lunch items, except for the coffee cup.

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Burnt Out

Previously… on Seriously Sarah with the Awaken the Dragon mini workshop

The ceramic pieces!

Our pieces are done! And displayed! Wooooh. No, we didn’t do all that. It’s all contributed by everyone who attended the workshops or mini shows or did private group sessions.

Anyway, this will be at the National Museum of Singapore until the 24th March 2013, it’s near the back of the museum, past the shop and it’s free to have a looksee!

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ANYWAY. My pal Wesley’s having a session at the Arts House this weekend. Y’all know where the Arts House is right?

LOCATION: Living Room (that’s the second floor of the Arts House)

Date: 16 March, Saturday

Time: 7.30pm.

Here’s the details from the Arts House site!

Genre: Literary Arts,New Word Order

Presented by The Arts House

Better known as a filmmaker, Wesley Leon Aroozoo’s first stab at writing for the stage resulted in a provocative story about loss, searching and accepting one’s own demons. Bedok Reservoir was inspired by the spate of drownings and suicides in Bedok Reservoir and delves into a dark side of Singapore not openly discussed. The play and novel version of the story was recently published as a duo print in which the endings are different. Not a bad accomplishment for someone who almost failed his ‘O’ Levels English and could not get into a junior college.

Join Wesley as he discusses his journey to becoming a published playwright and author as well as why he channels his creativity through so many different outlets.

This session is moderated by Ghazali Muzakir, a filmmaker and theatre practitioner.

Here’s a trailer of his play!

So if you’re free this Saturday, come over and attend his session! Fun fact: If you check out his channel with his other trailers, you would notice it is called ‘moomeow’. Moomeow is a character from one of his short films that had a lovely musical presence about a scientist and well, a cow cat.

Support local artists! Woooh.

Bein’ Green

Matcha cream latte and azuki latte

I wanted to go to a Font exhibition (yes, I know, it sounds super arty and stuff like that) but it was closed. Instead, have a post about Nana’s Green Tea because we went to the shop TWICE in one day at Plaza Singapura. (Click this link for the Singapore branch.)

That’s Jo‘s BMO in between the matcha cream latte  and azuki latte.

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