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At the sky bridge!

It’s the launch of the 24 Hour Comics exhibition! The first launch of an exhibition in the libraries for it. They’ll be at:

18 March – 2 May, Jurong Regional Library (Skybridge, Level 3)
3 May – 18 June, Sengkang Public Library
19 June – 31 July, Serangoon Public Library

Read the copies!

They’re done in 24 hours, kinda like Nanowrimo but for comics! The printed versions are the edited versions though since they have covers and afterwords by the artist/writers themselves.

 Clio Ding about her dinosaur comic Originals! One bundle of joy!

We got to learn  bit of the process for 24 hour comics, day. Pretty much just plan and DRAW. It’s that kind of addictive fun to finish your own comic.

Iron throne?

Meanwhile, I didn’t know Jurong library had its own iron throne. SO COOL.

But yes, check out the exhibition! Or check online for some of them here. I like the story about the Fishhead and Nanny. Max’s The Road Not Taken is pretty cool too and heck, most of the stories will make you go awww.

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