Game: Rojak Institute

This is Rojak Institute

There was a time in 2007 where I made a game with a bunch of ladies (plus one guy who helped out!) called Rojak Institute. We premiered it at Cosfest (Singapore) and Comic Fiesta (Malaysia) in 2007 but we made the game in the one year before that. Or technically less than a year.

So it started around in mid 2006 that Kei grabbed a bunch of us writers, illustrators and programmers to do a visual novel game. Mind you, we were either working/interning/schooling. Mostly in school.

Rojak Institute had original art, story and heck MUSIC.

You can download the game for free here: Rojak Institute Episode 1 (29.3MB)

It is originally made in flash and was sold at our conventions in CD-Rs with printed bookmarks so it auto ran when you placed it in your computer.

To start, since this is a download, click opening.exe. If you’re on a Mac, click opening.swf.

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How to test a ukulele

This is for those who ask how to test it since you might not have a friend who play a ukulele to go with you. These are just the BASICS. If you don’t know still, just ask the shop keeper!

Also, I forgot to add about the nut, it’s near the headstock. Your strings should be resting on it too and not moving all around when you’re strumming wildly.

More about my ukulele posts, just click the ukulele category or tag.

Mostly you want to buy a ukulele or find where to buy it.

Ps. If you have any other tips or techniques to test your uke for a beginner or newbie, feel free to comment.

Buy bye Deviant Art Store!

Extended Edition

A lanyard!

The last day of the Deviant Art store is the 28th May 2013. I only knew it today and decided to buy something before it closed down. The digital artist bag is so nice and well, I would have gotten it but I didn’t ‘need’ it when I had my other normal bags.

ALAS, too late anyway since it has sold out! There’s the nomad bag left and while it is beautiful, le sigh. I don’t ‘need’ it either since I just got myself a (very cheap) skateboard bag via ebay.

I wouldn’t say no to the bags though, if it were available to me.

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Was Noch.

Extended Edition

This was one of the songs performed by Seira Singing Group last April when I went to their concert. I do verily like Scarborough Fair.

ANYWHO, this weekend, the museums will have free entry for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.

Free admissions will be provided to Citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) all year round to the permanent galleries displaying our national collection and selected special exhibitions at the National Museums and Heritage Institutions, to encourage more citizens and PRs to visit our National Museums and Heritage Institutions.

Free admissions will be officially launched on 18 May 2013, in conjunction with NHB’s Children’s Season 2013, as well as International Museum Day, in the following National Museums and Heritage Institutions.

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Singapore’s Not Boring… You Are… OK LOR, NOW WHAT?

Extended Edition

GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYS. I just had tea. Most of you who are my regular readers and people who talk to me know how it is with me + tea. The normal teh tarik!

ANYWAY. So I read the whole “Singapore’s Not Boring, You Are” thingy rebuttal to that other “Singapore’s Boring” thing which was written over 3 years ago. I think the person who wrote that would be more amazed that people are starting to comment NOW than back then.


I lie.

You guys don’t even comment that often for my other posts except for my ukulele guides, ABLOO BLOO BLOO.

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There is only do or do not. There is no try.

Good day to you!

It’s a really packed and fun May the Fourth be with you considering it was Free Comics Book Day and Star Wars Day. There were a lot of places having events but I couldn’t get to them all.

Make sure you check out Red Dot Diva since I know she went to Invasion at Funan, Cavalock‘s post about the mini figs for FCBD and of course the Here Be Geeks when the post about it! Also, Incoherent Boy wrote about it for the Straits Times here (not sure whenever the page will break since I don’t know how they archive their articles).

ANYWAY, I got to Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City at around 10am and hello there cosplayers!

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