In a flash, exhibition hopping

Secret office?

The Math Paper Press office was the location for the Once Upon Singapore exhibition. A mini exhibition about the yesteryear of Singapore! By final year student Seah Yun Xin, Design Communications degree.

Sponsors and such

 The exhibition’s over by the time you read this post but it was a cozy and small one full of WOAAAH TIMEWARP.

Le exhibit

It’s that whole row on the table there and there are video clips explaining a few of the items on the monitor on the left there.

Typewriter and stuff Write ups! Chop until happy

Also, that moment when a GameGear is considered a vintage item of sorts. Yeah, it was in one of the items there. A GameGear. The write-up could use a few edits or look overs on the spelling but the descriptions managed a few chuckles or awws when you know what it meant to each person.

There was also a report card and it was quite nice to know that the person actually improved through each level and now, well, the report card is still saved even though it’s been so long ago.

Oooh and the little station that we liked is where you get to stamp on 3 postcards. A classroom, a Mama shop and a playground. The sign said for us to “chop until happy” and so we did.


If Kenny is reading this, we hope that these stamp sets are available cause they’re fun to use. We like the playground set with the dragon stamp and the gashapon machine for the store.

The Luxe Museum

Onwards to The Luxe Art Museum after that for the Game of Thrones exhibit. It’s still running until the 13 April  (from 11am – 7pm) so you can catch it if you want. The Luxe Art Museum is at 6 Handy Road. It’s pretty much the small space next to a fancy cafe just NEXT to The Cathay.

You won’t miss it because the pillars have Game of Thrones wraps on it to show where the exhibit is.


It’s small exhibit. Really small. Somehow, I want to rip the shields with their coat of arms off the wall though because it’s so niiice.

The exhibit at Luxe!

And that’s it because it really is small, look at the art though! And you can bid for some of the local pieces or buy a poster for $50.

I don't even have a thousand.

The bidding card! You put it in the bidding box if any catches your fancy. Also, the proceeds go to The Design Society scholarship for design students.

Hey Danny!

If you like artwork inspired by the Game of Thrones, head to the exhibition cause it only lasts until Saturday the 13th!

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  1. I’ve always been fascinated by the art and museum scene in Singapore, and this article offers a great overview of the must-visit exhibitions. It’s a testament to the city’s commitment to fostering creativity

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