Extended Edition!

It's a cat bed!

Well, this is the extended edition of my regular posts. Obviously, I do more than those Saturdays, so this is pretty much whenever and whatever I want to post. Kinda like a commentary of the week.

What you’ve missed. My cat, Dawn got a catbed from Singtel a few weeks ago. June pretty much summarized it here!

Iron butt!

In no particular order, I went to the Become Iron Man exhibit and you can see more pictures in this SGCafe post I wrote up. Of course, I didn’t post up the butt pictures there. Also, since they were prototypes, it was not too shiny yet.

The final piece would be in alloy metal so super shiny butts then. Daphne from Play Imaginative told us that they posted security for the exhibition since they had their pieces stolen when it was in Indonesia!

Alas, even if they are prototypes with slightly unrefined edges (those who look up close and are cosplaying Iron Man will notice), they’re still very good.

It's a dragon!

And in the past week, I went dragon hunting with June in Toa Payoh. The area is going to be torn down. The blocks at least, not the playground since they want to keep it?

Left over furniture

We walked all the way up since we pretty much said, “Ha ha no.” to the lift since it was dodgy.

20 floors down!

So we climbed up 20 floors and of course, down again.

Owe money, pay money!

Not particularly sure if the loansharks didn’t know that the residents are evicted from the block because there were a lot of these especially in the upper floors.

Through a window

Because you can plainly see NO ONE IS AROUND. Well, except maybe the cleaners. They’re tossing stuff whatever is left in the houses into the trash. There’s some old unwanted furniture or stuff that no one wanted to bring when they moved to wherever they are now.

Can you spot the flyer?

You can spot the flyer and the new stadium from there. The stadium’s not pictured here though, it’s just a bit off camera on the left.

Taira-kun! There's a ukulele sale there!

A bonus picture here by June. Yes. It’s a dinosaur. This is a playground. No, it’s not a slide. It’s just random dinosaurs in the middle of a neighbourhood playground.

You can probably reenact Jurassic Heart here?

And since you’ve continued reading till here, have a cover of Awkward by San Cisco. The original video is utterly hipster and it is quite a groovy tune so looksee on youtube if you want.

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