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Tailored to Hit

This week so far, I have started on Tailored to Hit’s website. It’s nothing there right now so I’m not putting the url in here or anything yet.

What is this? It’s a freaking web comic! Hopefully it’ll be all ready by the time it’s supposed to be out. 9 August.


Those are free promos for my friends Max and Saph to bring to the Toronto Comics Art Festival! Max looks like his character in his diary comic (duh) so if you’re going to TCAF, check their booth out and buy their stuff. Saph doesn’t really look like her character in her profile page on TCAF though.

Sort of.

She does have a ponytail.

Can’t be at TCAF? Well, I’ll be posting more about TtH in July or something but here’s what is printed on the packs.

In a world where superpowers exist, ordinary tailors don’t suit the heroes, villains and even minions.

Victoria finds out that her parents run an exclusive tailoring store just for these Supers when her mom goes missing. With her dad searching for her mother,it’s up to Victoria to be in charge.

And for her to make outfits tailored to hit.

Go forth and buy Max and Saph’s books since it’s their first time at TCAF and selling their stuff in Canada! Usually, it’s just Malaysia and Singapore. Here’s a sample of Max’s and Saph’s styles or artwork.

On the books side, aaaaaaaaaaaah.

I have a few titles. Or rather a lot of stories but they all take time to be written. Here are the titles that I keep switching back and forth when writing. Or rather here are the ‘main’ titles since I planned a lot.

  1. Slated
  2. Bullet Hell
  3. In Your Dreams
  4. Without a Heart

And there’s still the free web series which I should continue, it’s here in the Ashes to Ashes category. Yeaaaah. It needs to be updated.

Life page C3

Also, we aka the Singapore side of Nanowrimo got a tiny mention of the Life section in the local newspaper, page C3 under the article Teachers Who Write on the 26 April. Yeah, I only scanned it this week. Click to enlarge it as always.

And now a playlist that I’m listening to at the moment.

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