The Singing Bone

Hello Kitty Fairy Tales

So if you haven’t known, from the various news reports and whatnot, McDonalds in Singapore had Hello Kitty Fairy Tale dolls if you purchase it with a value meal or something. The line up is as such, the witch from the Wizard of Oz, the Ugly Duckling, the lion from Wizard of Oz, the Singing Bone, the Frog Prince and Red Riding Hood.

As for the witch, she was exclusive for deliveries only so you could get her if you called McD’s delivery. My friend in Norway commented that she didn’t really look like the witch from Oz but that she was more like a McDonald’s staff who was a witch? Very Kiki’s Delivery Service.

For the rest, we know their stories pretty much.

Except for the Singing Bone.

That’s the black Hello Kitty. I have no idea why it is in the line up, the rest generally have happy endings but before we get to that…

A bid on it!

This particular kitty caused a near riot at some McDonald’s branches, some have called that the government should step in just because they couldn’t get one. Others blamed the staff for not having more.

I don’t know man, I thought the staff actually COOKED and sold food, not manufacture the cats.

And some have bid for this kitty till $126,000.

The bidders!

I don’t know if they are legit bidders but at least 28 accounts bid for it. If they are because if you don’t, your account gets banned and such which from what I see these are NEW accounts without reviews, they might just heck it.

If it was real, the details said cash on delivery. I don’t know how you’re stuffing $126,000 in briefcases or bags and going to the nearest MRT station for a meet up.

With all these ridiculous happenings, do these people know the story?

I call it irony anyway with ALL THESE, OR PERHAPS… A CUUUUUUUUUUUUURSE. The Singing Bone is a story collected by the Grimm brothers and in other words, this is the story:

A boar lays waste to a country, and two brothers set out to kill it.

The younger meets a little man who gives him a spear, and with it, he kills the boar. Carrying the body off, he meets his brother, who had stayed to drink until he felt brave. The older brother lures him in, gives him drink, and learns of the younger brother’s adventure. They then set out to deliver the body to the king, but on passing a bridge, the older kills the younger, and buries his body beneath it.

He takes the boar himself to the king, and marries the king’s daughter.

One day a shepherd sees a bone under the bridge and uses it to make a mouthpiece for a horn, which begins to sing on its own. The shepherd takes this marvel to the king. On hearing the song, which tells the tale of the murder, the king has the younger brother’s skeleton dug up.

The older brother cannot deny murdering him and is executed.

So yes, while the Singing Bone Hello Kitty is super cute, it means you just got a murdered Hello Kitty in a way.

Meanwhile, I don’t know why so many people want it, perhaps they are the children of those people who collected the Hello Kitty Wedding series in 2000 told them that they must bring honour to bring home a Hello Kitty from McDonald’s? I don’t know.

Hello Kitties!

Still, I do have one (two if you count Dawn?) and it is the witch, which is pretty, pretty cute.

Ps. You can get the Singing Bone probably on Tabao because Hong Kong had the series last year too.

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  1. I’m kind of freaked out by the fact the farmer guy had a human bone as a mouthpiece and … ugh! But thanks for the story. I don’t remember that one at all.

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