The 4 of Us II ! Aka an abundance of Sarahs

Showing us how they are drawing it

One of the coordinators for N.E.mation, Sara from Animagine brought me over to The 4 of Us II‘s tents to introduce me to Sarah to tell them I was their ambassador, Sarah.

Sara, Sarah, Sarah.

Lots of Sarahs.

IN ANY CASE, once we got over that, the team said hello to me and they’re from Tanglin Secondary School! Wooh.

I said, “So, they are The 4 of Us…”

“Two!” added Sara of Animagine.

You must remember the two because this is their second try into the competition but they hadn’t got into it that far until THIS YEAR. Hurray for them!

OH WAIT. If you haven’t read my blog before, here’s tl:dr version of N.E.mation.

N.E.mation is a yearly competition where students get to animate their stories according to the theme of the year and get to win a trip to the USA to the various animation studios!

In other words, you have the top 10 teams trying to finish their animated shorts within 3 weeks.

4 of Us II's storyboard

This is their storyboard and well, I won’t show EVERYTHING because it’ll be funner for you guys to watch the final product then.

The girls, Jia Yi, Sarah, Sri Safwanah and Xena, showed me that their story will be real life interviews but with mixed media!

So expect swooshy things going about the videos like graphics. It’ll be cool, like those funky MTV things you see in the latest trend.



All of them are true stories by the way. If you don’t know the theme of this year’s competition it is “Because You Played A Part”.



This chrysanthemum took at least 3 days to complete. Well, there were a few sets of chrysanthemums but the final bit for that flower, you will notice that it is animated REALLY smoothly.

So many of them.

And yet, they’re going to be super tiny in the actual production.

So when you get to see the final video, note that even a tiny flower takes a heck load of time to create and they painstakingly took a lot of effort for it.

With their fans

For the first week, they are pretty much on time and are ‘okay’. We’ll see how they are in the second week though…

And a word from them!

Yes, I totally asked them to say the last line.


PLEASE click “LIKE” at their page here, it’s the small button below their picture. It’ll help a lot since they need the support of others to like their page to win too!

On this page, you can also check out their instagram and twitter!

Or you can go to the N.E.mation Facebook page, click the top 10 team app and then find their name there!

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