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Laser Ops!

We went to Laser Ops on Saturday for my Sarah’s Shoot Somebody Saturday.

Yes, I like alliteration.

It’s near Dhoby Ghaut Exchange, below the 7-11, near where the arcade used to be. You can just drop at Dhoby Ghaut mrt station and it is THERE.

If you want to check out their facebook, it’s here too.

Lockers! The vest and gun. The basics!

Alright, we had 8 people for our slot, I emailed Laser Ops the week earlier and they did tell me that the Saturday I was going for is going to be a crowded one but it was STILL DOABLE which is best.

So book if you are especially going on weekends, it should be ok but booking is better.

The lockers there are free so you just have to remember the locker you put your stuff in and the password that you set for yourself.

We were going for 3 games combo which was $36 each for us.

Be sure to check their FB though cause sometimes they have promotional offers!

ANYWAY, best. It was Dhoby Ghaut so most accessible to us since it was just a train stop away. And thus, oh you can see the thumbnail above, that’s the vest and gun set you’d use.

We got a briefing from the instructors before we got in because there are rules!

Rules like no running, pushing, fighting etc. You know, to make it an enjoyable game. Also, there are DIFFERENT missions.

It was all red.

Since we chose 3 games, we got to do the first as a standard solo.

In which everyone could shoot at each other.


It does NOT feel like 10 minutes, it’s one of those stasis 10 minutes where it can feel like forever as you scream and walk quickly around from your friends when you’re shooting them.

Guys, 10 minutes is ideal so there you go. It really is the most suitable time for one game.

The Blues

After the briefing room, we get to the load out room where you see green/red/blue ‘ports’ where your vests and guns are.

It’s ok though in the different games you play, your actual vest and gun will flash other colours.

Wearing the vest!

Wearing the vest and gun. Once done, we got to the arena!

The arena...

It’s not as dark as the picture, but I was using my handphone when I had a tour before our game session a few weeks before.

The lights!

There are flashing lights and luminous lines along the walls and stuff. Also, music! Not like you’ll be able to listen to it while you’re walking quickly and hiding about the walls.

My guuun.

It is so fun, okay? You need to hold the gun with both hands to get it to activate though. Also, you can read your ‘data’ on it but I doubt you will be doing so in game since you’d be more interested in shooting and hiding.

Random Madness!

This was the last game, I was Argus.

Our 3 games, the first was standard solo, the second was standard team and the last was random madness.

Random madness was the best since it was RIDICULOUS. Hahaha, do you know Pacman?

Well, the rules for this game is that the ones in blue vests can shoot everyone but no one can shoot back.

Everyone else’s vests will flash other colours, red being the one with the highest score. SO YEAH.

And guess what, 10 minutes a game, yes? The vests will change colours every 15 seconds. Then, there are 40 chances of your vests turning either orange/red/green/blue. THUS, it was approximately 10 times you could be blue.

Plus when you get shot, you have 4 seconds to recharge.  Thus, if you’re blue, you shot your friend, you could stick to your friend until they ‘recharge’ and shoot them again but that’s just in THEORY.

In reality, you go “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!” and then hunt everyone else while being Blue since your vest could change colours after that and THEY might turn blue after.

How did I get the highest for this last game? The others were huddling behind two walls, I saw them going while I was hiding since I was RED (the highest score to shoot), then I turned blue and walked from behind and shot them all and laughed evilly.

Next time.

We’re going archery tag.

But that’ll be next year.

Check out Laser Ops! And oh, we did ask them, some people have gone in solo or just two people, the staff will put in some workers with you guys to play/shoot with if so.

OH AND WE GOT A COMPLIMENTARY PHOTO. It’s at the end of the session, they’ll take a pic of you and then they’ll email it to you. That’s so nice of them.

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