This was my horoscope for the day. Commando Challenge was on Sunday and my slot with Tashigi was 1pm.

I have never done an obstacle course run before, well, except for Race the Dead. Actually before this, the only runs I’ve been to was The New Paper’s Big Walks and those were walks. So for 2013, I did 2 major runs with obstacles in the second half of the year. Yaaay.

Also, since I had pretty much fun even if RtD was mostly “Stupid, stupid sand!” and this Commando Challenge was pretty much “Stupid, stupid mud!”, I signed up for next year’s Run for Your Lives Asia which I hope will not be “Stupid, stupid concrete!”.

OH AND YEAH, my friend recommended me to check out the Running Guild’s calendar so I can totally get the early bird prices for events instead of finding out in the last minute.

I am tempted to go to NTUC’s Run350 and the Venus Run because they’re just 5km. There’s also the Marina Run which I see they have a fun run where you shoot each other with water pistols too. INTERESTING.

Mostly, I’m also thinking “OOOOH, it will make for nice video footage” because heck, if I do a lot of runs next year, I can also compile with my ‘first’ few runs which is pretty much RtD and CC and then at the end of 2014, I’ll have a short POV video of me running around Singapore.

Not sure if I’m into fitness or footage.

I don’t like to run so much but I do like scenery and obstacles if there are any.

The railway station!

Anywho, here’s some pictures from Commando Challenge! It was at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. My route was just 4km and totally not the area I trekked through. Technically it was the opposite side from my adventure last time.

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