Momento Mori: Too Fast Not Furious

With their seniors

Momento Mori actually was the first team to finish their production this year! They actually finished it on Wednesday of the third week and spent the rest of their time doing their own things.

Also, they were trying to be discreet so that they wouldn’t bug the other teams who were stressing out.

Heh, here they are showing their piece to their seniors who decided to visit them on the wrap party day!

Like my other team (The 4 of Us II), I didn’t want to watch their production since I wanted to be SURPRISED when I get to watch it with everyone else when it is uploaded.

Oooh the balloons.

They really work hard and play EVEN HARDER.

They shared!

Also, they were one of the most memorable teams in there too. Someone asked why did they have nail polish on and they answered, “Because… our instructor is a bimbo” and everyone burst out laughing.

No, (disclaimer alert) she is not a bimbo but she helped paint their nails since they had time for it like a group bonding thing!

Yam seng!

After the pulling of poppers, it was yam seng! Everyone got a cup of sparkly grape juice and started yam seng-ing.

It's food!

And once it was all done and everyone cheered, it was time to eat!

Gathering stuff...?

I was wondering what the heck were they doing… THEY WERE COMPILING THE CONFETTI ON THE GROUND and then they threw them at meeeee.

It was like a snowball fight but with confetti instead.

Dance Central!

After the floor games outside we all were ushered inside the tents where the filming of other teams’ production were at. Only this time, the set ups were removed and instead it was a giant projection of Dance Central on the screen.

Here’s the first two dancers for the game. It was a match between all the different teams there. Besides Dance Central, eventually there was also Rock Band.

All for fun of course.


Have a bunch of Momento Mori-s jumping in the dark!

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