We got a lot of rice. And loot!

1 million KG challenge

I kept seeing the ad for the 1 Million Kg Challenge on my facebook and I went “Oooh” when I clicked on it. The Health Promo Board is having a new campaign where people can win stuff when they lose weight.

The launch was the weekend of 15 and 16th March at Ngee Ann City. I had been waiting to know where the weigh in kiosks were going to be at and so this was the best place to get it.

It’s actually a campaign that promotes fitness and all that. The only pissy bit is that there ARE requirements if you want to join this challenge which is the whole BMI thing.

If you’re too under their BMI range, you can’t sign up, if you’re too over you can’t sign up either. I guess it’s for their own disclaimer safety because this is a general challenge and they can’t do tailored recommendations for those who are too under or over the BMI range to join this.

Really too bad though because I know there are friends who are over their BMI target range and want to do this. Plus, BMI is not the exactly the best way to measure because everyone has a different body type. ANYWHO, this ain’t a health blog, so y’all go research on what I mean since I’m gonna just continue about the event itself!

Spoiler alert: I am within their BMI challenge range so I can join this.


This is the registration weighing kiosk! It’s kind of cool because it’s a weighing scale of sorts hooked up to some computer. Make your account on it and tada, you’ll get a receipt printed out with the details of how much weight you need to lose.

Dance dance revolution!

After registry, I got a bag of loot (will write about it at the bottom of the post) and there’s some games where if you complete your card and get it stamped at 10 stations, you’d get a prize!

One of the stations is the Dance Dance Revolution machine which was really fun. There’s also a basketball game too and they’re all sponsored by Timezone arcade.

Cycling away!

Then another station was by F&N’s 100 plus and you had to cycle 45 or more revolutions within 30 seconds. If you hit less, you got a can of 100 plus or a bottle of mineral water. If you hit the target, you got a goodie bag!

The goodie bag has a can of 100 plus, a bottle of mineral water and a water bottle.

I did this and it was so freaking difficult but I managed to pull through and win it! Heh.


This is Nestle’s booth in which we had to figure out true/false answers I got the first two wrong, I think and in the end we got a hand fan and sachets of Milo!!

Milo is the best.

Energy Cafe

The Energy Cafe, was sponsored by Coca Cola. Actually a lot of booths were sponsored by a lot of companies and in any case, this one was cool cause it was a quiz where you had to do calorie counting.

What was so cool…?


WE ACTUALLY DID GET REAL FOOD after doing the calorie counting.

You could choose from their menu and get a drink and some meal. Like… which other event got a quiz where you win food so instantly?! We chose their chicken rice and it’s one of those packaged ones but still ahh???

My loot!

My loot! The registration gave me a fitness pack which had ALL those things inside a shoe bag, minus the 100 plus stuff from the booth I got, the Milo stuff and the HPB arm handphone holder thing (from some other booth), the mint can from PA Courses (on the opposite side it said that, that was no way to diet and to instead do activities instead).

So yes, there was RICE in the shoe bag.

Oh and once we finished getting through all the stations, we had to pick a card from the winner’ wall and I got myself a free McD’s grilled chicken salad.

Anyway, if you want to join the challenge, look at their faq first.

Ps. I’m not approached by HPB to blog this 1 Million Kg Challenge. I just might as well join it and see if you guys are interested too.

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