Filler post!

It's called pannbiff

Just a filler post. So have some very filling pannbiff, ah ha ha haaaa.

This was at Fika at Millenia Walk. They didn’t have Kopparberg so that’s actually Champis (they’re sodas) and it tastes kind of like Zapple, so apple soda. Mintea had Portello which DOES taste like caramel! It would probably taste really good as a float too.

I did blog about Fika at Beach Road before and YES, the food is still awesome, so yay!

Venus Run goodie bag!

Also, I picked up my Venus Run bag. I’ll be running next week and no, I’m not a run runner. I just uh, run and mostly walk too? It’s just 5km anyway.

Pretty much this is just a filler post since I have other things to post about in the week under State of Sarah.

For one thing, Scoot did reply to me and well… You’ll know soon what’s going to happen.