A feast of Game of Thrones?

Savour 2014!

I was invited to the royal wedding of his highness King Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell by HBO Asia. For those who don’t know who they are, I’m gonna go “Whaaaaaaat” and also that they’re from the GAME OF THRONES.

A new season is beginning and thus, HBO Asia invited some of us geeks for a little get together at their event at Savour 2014. It’s at the Promontory this year.

The fair!

A little on Savour 2014. I found it ‘less’ than previous time I went? Maybe it was the larger space that made it seem so or variety of stalls.

The market place was odd to me as it had quite dim lighting and I certainly did go towards the cheese section for samples, heh heh. It’s only at Savour I get to try out the various brands before I could purchase any of them.

Buying cheese is an art, okay.

Not too many ‘brands’ I saw at the arcade to promo their items though because I did like it when you get to meet up the representatives of the food brands and they would sell their items like pasta or whatnot?

Chocopot from Oxwell

Before the Game of Thrones event started, I went about and had this Oxwell’s chocolate pot with fresh cream and homemade honeycomb. The chocolate wasn’t too sweet. In fact, it tasted a little ‘spicy’? BUT IN A GOOD WAY because it mixed with the fresh cream and the sweetness blended well with the honeycomb.

I would eat a heck load of this but no. I had limited Savour dollars and no because that would be silly if I just ate chocolate.


Anyway, yes! The event was on the second floor of the arcade and I managed to get there after prying myself away from the cheese section of the market place. What’s this?

I DON’T KNOW but it was in front of the door area. (We found out what it is at the end, though!)


It really was a feast prepared by Chef Emmanuel Stroobant of Saint Pierre.

The cupcakes were from elsewhere though, by Missus Bonbon if I remember it right.

The chef

Slicing awaaaay.


I zoomed in to this instead.

Of course.


Especially brie on rustic bread. It is the best. But this is not going to be a cheese post because if it is, I would write an essay on it.

Cheese and bread, that’s good enough for me. So very RPG too or fantasy book.


Plus chocolate cupcake!

Anyway, thanks to HBO Asia, it was cool meeting them once more and other geeky pals like Red Dot Diva, Geek Crusade and Here Be Geeks. We actually did have the time to talk to each other about the series and other stuff HBO Asia did screen or are going to screen on their channel. So that was fun because it was a real get together.

No previous of the next season of GoT but there was an ‘in the making’ video for it instead.

Put a bunch of fans together, and you will in general have a great time.

Tissue boxes!

Ok, what were the boxes? THEY WERE TISSUE BOXES and a lanyard.

But the tissue boxes are so sayang to use them?

He's Flygdrake

I’ll use it eventually because they’re tissue boxes and that I can still keep my Targaryen lanyard to use or wear.

Ps. That’s Flygdrake modeling my lanyard.

Pps. I bought a lot of ice cream too if you were wondering what I did with the rest of my Savour dollars.

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